Episode 6 of The Gentle Dommecast: Vivian Has a Literary Fantasy and HUMP!

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We think it’s Episode 6 of the podcast! We are correct.

In this episode we went off track a little and discussed some things that were just on our minds. Okay. They were on my mind. The Rough Subbe just went along with me because I told him we had to do a podcast.

First, we talk about this book I can’t get out of my head calledΒ The Fortress, by S.A. Jones, and we discuss the femdomΒ fantasies it inspired in me.

Second, we talk about Dan Savage’sΒ HUMP film festival, which is live streaming until March 6th. We saw it right after we recorded the podcast. We talk about what HUMP is and the experience of seeing it live. Hopefully, we will again next year!

Episode 5 of The Gentle Dommecast: Money and Men

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Money and Men

It’s Episode 5 of The Gentle Dommecast! This week The Rough Subbe and I are talking about money and men! 

First, we discuss the role of money in a kinky relationship. Should submissive guys expect to pay tributes to possible dominants? We also talk about clarifying exactly what you’re looking for if you’re a man searching for a “Mistress,” and how that plays into the role of money within that search. 

We bring up findom, and I come to no particular decision about it except that I think I’m bad at it. We also touch on emotional labor and sex work in a pandemic economy.

Then we move on to talking about submissive men and masculinity. Does being a submissive man make you less “masculine?” What about desires for emasculation in kink? And how do societal expectations about what is “masculine” and “feminine” play into these questions and anxieties?

I Kind of Want Jessie Sage to Be My BFF: (Not in a Stalkery Way)

Check out Peepshow Media and Jessie Sage.

Tonight I’m going to be on Dating Kinky’s What Wonderful Women (and Other Humans Want) podcast.

I do NOT like being unprepared. Perhaps some may call me a control freak. Who knows? I wonder why that could be. Although I speak to many people on a daily basis, and I’ve spoken to many groups before in my former life, I’m very nervous about someone asking me live questions because I’m not sure what they will be and how I will answer.

(I may have even made a Powerpoint presentation as well as an infographic to help calm my nerves.)

A Powerpoint I may or may not have made….

So, in preparation, I listened to a lot of the back episodes of the podcast. They were great, and I’m glad that I had the inspiration. Honestly, I am so busy these days that I miss out on a lot of cool things that I WANT to explore. Hitherecatsuit has interviewed a lot of very interesting people!

Yesterday, I listed to the episode with Jessie Sage, a writer, sex worker and even fellow Niteflirt.

OMG. I loved her so much. She made me laugh. I could relate to so many of her stories, including her background in academia and how she transitioned to sex work. (I am surprised at the number of women I meet doing sex work who have that similar background.)

I was jealous of how she got a gig writing a sex column. Me! Me! Me! If anyone is looking!!! And I was super impressed at how she started her own online website focused on the sex industry.

So, I really just wanted to take this post to plug her and suggest you check out Peepshow Media. I have a feeling that if I can steal time, I’m going to be looking at it often.

Hopefully, see you tonight. Or rather…you’ll hear me tonight! Along with my over prepared informational material about finding femdoms in the wild!

Episode 3 of The Gentle Dommecast: Porn and Switching

Episode 3 of The Gentle Dommecast is up! I jokingly referred to it as the “tea-cast,” since I’m still recovering from a sore throat. So, if you hear my sipping, it’s my tea with honey.

This week The Rough Subbe and I take on porn and switching. We talk about what kinds of porn we like and don’t like, the role of femdom porn in both exposing people to new ideas and perhaps confusing them between reality and fantasy, and exactly how we define porn.

Then we discuss switching, including whether we consider ourselves switches, and we end up getting into a discussion about the role of labels in kink and if your preferences change over time.

I hope you enjoy, and if there’s a topic you really want to hear us discuss, let me know!

Episode 2 of The Gentle Dommecast: Feminization and the Public Scene

In this second episode The Gentle Domme and The Rough Subbe talk about feminization, with a question mark. What is feminization? What falls under this category of kink, and what do we like about it and have questions about. We reminisce about a hot cheerleader scene we did, and The Gentle Domme reflects on whether she’s just bitter she wasn’t a cheerleader.

We also discuss the public Scene, including why you might want to get involved in it, or not.Β 

This one got a little more serious, but I think there was valuable discussion to be had, as well as laughter.

Episode 1 of The Gentle Dommecast: Introductions, Orgasm Control and Pain Play

Ha ha! After much bribery, I roped my partner, dubbed “The Rough Subbe,” into doing a femdom podcast with me! Here is Episode 1, in which we discuss who we are, starting a podcast, orgasm control (my favorite) and the role of pain play in femdom.

I had way too much fun doing this, so you can expect more, whether you like it it or not.