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The Gentle Dommecast Episode 12: Erotic Hypnosis and Impact Play!

femdom podcast
femdom podcast

It’s Episode 12 of The Gentle Dommecast, and tonight you get me ALL to yourselves!

The Rough Subbe has been so busy, and it’s been impossible to coordinate our schedules AND feel like making a half hour podcast. I realized the last podcast I made was in MAY! And that’s just totally unacceptable when I like to hear myself talk so much. 😉

So, tonight I bit the bullet and just decided to record myself! I’m talking about erotic hypnosis, including how I was introduced to it, my feelings about if I can be hypnotized or not, and how much I’ve started to enjoy making erotic hypnosis audios and doing hypnosis on Niteflirt. 

Then I talk about impact play, including the joys of spanking, as well as a variety of impact toys that I own and use. It’s been too long since I’ve had the freedom to get really loud with impact play.

Finally, I give a little update about what I’ve been up to, including my sexy new listings on Niteflirt, that I now have over 175 sexy audio files, and that I was the runner up in the kink category for The Good Sex Awards!

I hope you enjoy, and I hope to be back soon with The Rough Subbe at my side for another podcast!

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