The Gentle Dommecast Episode 22: Sub Leaning Switching and Co-Topping!

femdom podcast
femdom podcast

Hello, my darling deviants!

In Episode 22 of The Gentle Dommecast, The Rough Subbe and are joined by a very special guest–our friend “Violet!” Violet identifies as a submissive who also switches, and although we are all friends, she actually met The Rough Subbe before I did, and he was her first “victim,” (lucky lucky victim) to try out some of her budding sadism!

Violet, TRS and I talked a lot on this episode about what a generally submissive woman might find hot about topping. We also discussed how a submissive male partner might approach his submissive female partner about topping him. 

And THEN we recounted several co-topping scenes we did together, one of which involved a ladder, a blow job, boobs, and my stroking of Violet’s hair. (She does have very pretty hair.)

I am embarrassed that I forgot some of the very hot details, but I was happy to be reminded of them. We talked about negotiating co-topping and delved a little bit into group scenes in general, based on some extremely lovely fan mail I received!

We also discovered that Violet has really sexy toes that enjoy being sucked. 😉

We hope you enjoy this episode! It’s a little longer than usual, but that’s because we had such a great discussion! I hope we will have more guests in the future!

Last, a little plug for some of my new social media adventures. You can check out some SFW erotic hypnosis audios I’ve been making on YouTube and some free hot femdom script fills I’ve been recording on Reddit Gone Wild Audio.

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