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Episode 20: Miss Vivian and TRS Get Fan Mail!

femdom podcast

Hello, my Darling Deviants!

What a treat! We got fan mail! TRS and I received the sweetest email from a new Domme who listens to our podcast.

I asked her if we could address some of her questions on the podcast, and she said yes. So, she actually did us a favor by giving us content!

Some of the questions we address today include:

1. How do you get in the mental space of feeling like a Domme?

2. What do you do on a daily basis to keep that D/s dynamic present?

3. What are some ways to keep your dynamic going  when you’re apart?

And several more…We also ask where the Mommy? Sorry? Mommy? Thing came from, and there’s a lot of laughing.

We mentioned a lot of resources this episode including:

The Reddit Community R/FemdomCommunity

Princess Kali and KinkAcademy.Com

Sharyn Ferns and her blog TheDommeChronicles.Com

Submissive Guy Comics

Uniquely Rika

We hope you enjoy, and that you’ve all been having happy holidays! 

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