Free Audio Smut: Your Task For Today

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A Little Free Audio Smut in Honor of Our Former Presidents, Except One in Particular

I haven’t made a free audio in a while. This one is an audio recording of yesterday’s first person story I wrote for a little Valentine’s Day present. 😉

Can you make it through this entire audio recording without coming? If I tell you not to come? Even while you watch me stroke your cock? Suck on it? You do have quite the oral fixation. Don’t you, baby? So, maybe I should give your something….else…to suck on.

I didn’t label this gentle femdom because of the encouraged bi, but I don’t think of this as humiliating at all. I love bisexual guys. So, unless you think of being lovingly called a cock slut as humiliating (which I don’t), there’s no humiliation in this audio.

Free Audio Smut for Book Sluts

femdom erotica
Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels (Now, this is my kind of porn.)

Someone reminded me that I hadn’t released any free audio smut in a while.

It was true. I have been making more paid femdom erotica audios that focus on a lot of the kinks my callers and texters on Niteflirt like, such as cuckolding and SPH and not the more gentle teasing kinds of audios that I would release for a wider audience. But I do like to release some free femdom erotica audios now and again for marketing and also because it’s fun!

So, I popped on to Gone Wild Audio and saw that a favorite script writer of mine had a kinky librarian script up. And I knew I totally needed to record that!

I believe the title is “Your Hot Librarian Turns You Into Her New Book Slut.”

This was quite enjoyable to record, even though I have a bit of a sore throat right now. Maybe it just makes me sound more sultry….hopefully.

I am definitely a book slut, so I’m always happy to slut around with other book sluts. 😉

Merry X-Mas With an X-Rated ASMR Gentle Femdom Audio

Jingle balls

Merry X-Mas My Darling Deviants!

I plan is to go tubing today, watch the new Pixar movie and maybe check out The Undoing or see if there’s another episode of The Stand. I hope you have a nice Christmas. This year has sucked, but let’s think positively. It’s almost over!

Here’s a little femdom ASMR goodie to put in your stocking. 😉 Relax. Just relax. And let all that 2020 stress fade away!

And Now For Something a Little Bit Different

Sneaky. Sneaky.

Most of my audios are pretty clearly gentle femdom. I usually just start recording with some vague idea or feeling and see what words come out of my mouth. I am a fountain of smut! The pervy language just flows from my lips, usually with lots of “good boys” included.

Last night, though, I started out with an idea of an audio of a next door neighbor coming over and seducing him, and somehow it turned into a cuckquean audio!

I suppose cuckqueaning is still under the femdom umbrella, at least if you’re the cuckcake, which I played in this audio, teasing the man about how his wife might find out about us, hows much better I was than her, and what she would do and say and feel if she caught us. But that’s a little more F/f than I’m used to talking about! I’m used to sweetly embarrassing and humiliating men–not women!

In all honestly, although I don’t have a cuckold kink, I DO have a bit of a cuckquean kink, and I’m not the big letter in that fantasy! I can’t say exactly why. I’m sure it has something to do with exorcising feelings of insecurity, but I find the idea of being slightly humiliated seeing my partner with someone else quite hot.

However, I would likely NEVER do it in real life–not with the humiliation aspect. I’m simply too insecure, and I don’t think I would like it. The fantasy is hot. It’s fun to talk about during sex or think about when I’m spending some time with my trusty vibrator. But in reality? Nope. Too scary. Some fantasies are best left as fantasies.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t find it hot to watch a partner have sex with someone else, but I want to feel in control or at least simply a voyeur watching a show put on for me. I don’t want to feel belittled.

Anyway, this is an unusual audio recording in that if you’re into the premise, I think it’s one that both men AND women could enjoy–whether they fantasize about cheating or being cheated on, and even threatened with discovery. Give it a listen if you’re into that sort of thing. 😉

A Halloween Treat for Good Boys

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope yours was better than mine. It was depressing. Wasn’t it? I did socially distanced Trick or Treating, but not many kids showed up. Like everything else in 2020, it was rather sad. Here is to a better Halloween in 2021!

However, as a special post Halloween treat, I’m giving all my good boys a free puppy play audio file.

You’re such a good puppy! After I put you through your puppy paces and give you a spanking to make sure you learn your lessons, you get to hump your mistress’s leg as a special treat!

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it!

A Super Sexy Audio Improvisation for My GFD Lovers

Gone Wild Audio really seemed to like this one. So many naughty boys there. They really need a little discipline. 🙂 These audios are so much fun, and creating blurbs for them feels like I get to pretend I’m writing terrible romance novels.

Does anyone actually care about the plot? I think not.

Instructing My Son’s Virgin College Friend (Boy….young people are really waiting these days. Huh?

“When my son’s college friend walks in on me getting out of the shower, I discover that not only does he want me, he’s also a virgin, who’s in dire need of some sensual education.”

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole Well, this isn’t creepy at all. Such a wistful furry with a cute little saggy fluffy bunny tail. I would like to hang this in my guest bathroom for people to ponder about while they are on the toilet.

Well, I fell down a rabbit hole.

And that hole was Gone Wild Audio.

Now, in all honesty, I am not a stranger to GWA. I love words. I sometimes watch porn, but it’s   not easy to find porn I really like. I went through a period of time a few years ago when I listened to GWA pretty regularly, although I never posted anything there myself. I’m not sure why. I think I was just afraid. And I didn’t realize how fun it could be to make recordings.

(I am actually annoyed that I had to create a new Reddit account just for my blog because my existing account had a little clout behind it…if Reddit accounts have clout. Which is questionable.)

But, of course, I have seen women doing it. So, when an improvisation I was trying out to help with short story writing wouldn’t convert to text correctly, I thought…why not post it?

And it was fun!

So, I did more. And MORE! And MORE! This could easily become an addiction. Now, I’m also  working on converting my blog posts to audio too.

The funny thing I realized is that I’ve always liked reading out loud. I guess because I like reading and have always been told I have an expressive voice. So, I kind of love the idea that I can just read all these sexy stories out loud and some people might want to listen to them.

Or that I can talk off the top of my head about one smutty thing or another that’s floating through my mind. The up votes are enjoyable. I am an attention whore.

And yet…I am still trying to figure out something to do with this blog and all of my writing! I am torn between keeping everything free and just trying to build up an audience so I can bug them with my blog ads 😉 or trying to make a go of selling things. But what things I’m not really sure. I feel like I’m trying out a lot of ideas. I don’t want to be scammy or predatory (to people who don’t want me to be predatory toward them). But I also did start this blog to try and do more than give my writing away totally for free, which was what I always did before.

I also published two more stories. I had just planned to write the first one, but the guys into chastity were so convincing! LOL. That is actually the hardest part of chastity for me—not giving in. It’s so hard not to give in, but then you regret the end of the tease once you do!  

I will probably do some more audio recordings this week, and I realized that so far, I have neglected to talk about foot worship here! So, I plan to write a post about that. It’s not really a kink of mine, but it’s one I’m happy to indulge—especially if I get to enjoy foot rubs in the process!

Have a good Sunday, my delicious deviants. Get outside! Do something active! I know I must or my brain is going to turn to mush behind this computer screen.

A Lesson on Looking at Other Women-Gentle Femdom Audio Erotica

Gentle Femdom Punishment
Good boys know who they belong to. Don’t they?

Well, that was so much fun yesterday, I decided to do another one. 🙂 For your listening pleasure, a gentle femdom audio erotica short, “A Lesson on Looking at Other Women.”

I don’t think I realized how amusing recording audio erotica is. It’s certainly easier than writing short stories, although I always enjoy finishing a story. Part of what I’m doing here is trying to figure out exactly what kind of content I want to provide. So, I’ll think of this as my latest experiment.

After I catch you looking at Jennifer’s cute ass at a party, you’re taught a lesson about who REALLY owns you.