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The Gentle Dommecast Episode 14: Vivian Goes to Kink Camp

Hello, my darling deviants! I have left you for so long! I apologize. I’ve been traveling a lot over the summer. I missed you!

In this special episode, The Rough Subbe and I discuss our upcoming visit to kink camp! That’s right! We’re going kinky camping.

In this podcast, we talk about what we hope to get out of the event, how we feel about being sexy in 90 degree weather (not very), and how embarrassing it’s going to be when everyone sees TRS pitching a different kind of tent in his skimpy shorts. We also wax poetic about the pandemic and how its made us feel about going to this event. I talk a lot about my actual tent. I’ve become really obsessed with glamping decor.

After we return, we’ll give you the lowdown on how kinky camping ACTUALLY went for us and whether my outfits were as cute as I thought they would be.

Oh, yeah. And if we got up to any kinky shenanigans!

Last, I mentioned the RISK podcast where I first heard about kink camp many years ago. If you’d like to hear that, you can find it here!

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