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Ready to Accept Worship

My name is Miss Vivian. I’m a lifestyle domme with years of sweetly dominating men. You won’t find me yelling at you, because I don’t need to take control when you’ll more than happily give it to me. I wouldn’t say that I’m manipulative, just that men are so easily persuaded. And trust me that you want the kind of manipulation I provide.

I’m in my early 40s. East coast. I’m a curvaceous redhead with succulent DD breasts and amazing legs. I have a penchant for playing dress up, and I love high heels and boots.

I regularly practice kink in my private life. This isn’t a role for me, although I like a bit of role play sometimes. I’m well-educated, funny, and non-judgmental, and I tend to be a playful and nurturing top. You can think of me a little like your kinky girlfriend… you know, I like to edge you, put you in chastity, and ruin your orgasms. Then snuggle and make brownies! I specialize in “sympathetic condescension,” which basically means I get off on pretending to feel sorry for you when I don’t, and I’m not.

Outside of kink, I have several advanced degrees, love reading, especially science-fiction, binge watching great TV (Currently on Season 3 of The Crown), movies (Boogie Nights, Gosford Park, Harold and Maude), writing, and traveling (post-covid). I especially enjoy attending big festivals, kinky and otherwise. I love just about anything weird and fantastical. I can talk about more than just femdom and sex, including current events, art, literature, business strategy, working on self-esteem issues and improving your life. I’m basically a smut purveyor, kinky “therapist,” and life coach rolled into one.

I do enjoy the finer things in life. Room service in a luxury hotel. Flying first class. Regular manicures and pedicures. A thorough massage. Tributing me, especially for chat, shows me that you’re serious and value my time. And, honestly, that you’re eager to spend your hard-earned money just to talk to me is quite the turn on. I love knowing that I’m desired, adored and worshipped. If being treated like the Goddess that I am is a kink, it’s probably my favorite one!

You can find me on a variety of websites. I mostly take calls on Niteflirt, and feature my audios there, as well as on Iwantclips.com and Clips4sale.com. I’m also often sharing my thoughts on Twitter, Reddit, Fetlife, and my podcast. You can find some of my sexy femdom erotic stories on Literotica and YouPorn Erotica.


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