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Episode 25: A Painful Absence and Talking in Bed

femdom podcast

Hello, everyone!

In this long awaited episode The Rough Subbe and I make a podcast in bed. We talk about my not so recent injury, which has kept me away from my computer. We discuss my two Patreons! 

And then we talk about the hot sex we just had, including more about orgasm control, and why we love it, face slapping (so hot) and whether or not I’m a sadist. We dip into “nurturing” domination, and how we feel conflicted about the “M” word and objectification.

And then we opine about M/f dynamics, and if male doms like selfish sex. Do they? Let us know. We have no idea. 

The sound isn’t great in this episode because we were literally recording from bed.  🙂

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