I’m Home From Kink Camp!

Okay. So.

I’m kind of a high maintenance girl.

I like my mani/pedis. I like my lattes. I like air conditioning.

I do like going to big kink events. But perhaps camping and kink don’t mix for me!

On the plus side, everyone was super nice. No surprise. People in the kink community are generally nice and respectful. I met some fun and funny new people and connected with friends.

On the not so plus side, rain, heat, mud. It turns out that I don’t feel too kinky or sexy out in nature. 🙂

The Rough Subbe and I will do a podcast about this. I said, “Oh, no! It’s going to be bad because I didn’t have a good time. Everyone will be expecting me to share all of these kinky, wild experiences, and I spent most of my time in my tent, moaning (not sexy moaning…unpleasant why are there so many bugs moaning).

He, on the other hand, thought this would be an awesome podcast precisely for that reason. Who’s the masochist and who’s the sadist? (I think he might have been a little mad at me for dragging him to camp, and this is going to be his revenge.)

Anyway, so I don’t think more kinky camping is in my future. But you can find me indoors wearing my delicious domme outfits and heels. In fact, as soon as I got home, I was already thinking about where I might go next.


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