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New Audio: Telling You All About Getting Fucked by Another Man

I recently put out a question to my Niteflirt customers about femdom audio content they’d like to see me make. I got some really good answers, including one I am SUPER excited about because it’s both kind of weird and something I find really hot. (You’ll see just what a weirdo pervert I am, when I make it.)

This is not THAT one, but someone specifically asked for more cuckolding content that was not based around humiliation. Now, is that really cuckolding? I, personally, think of cuckolding as being tied to humiliation. And if it’s not, I don’t think of it as cuckolding. I would put it more in the “hotwife” category or simply voyeurism.

But there’s no need to split hairs. The point is that this person wanted to listen to more audios where the man is genuinely excited to hear about his partner’s adventures and is happy for her pleasure–not because he feels a sense of inadequacy.

And I actually love that idea. He’s not the only person I talk to who LOVES thinking about his wife/girlfriend getting serviced simply because he thinks it’s hot! So, this one is for those guys.

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