Episode 4 of The Gentle Dommecast: Older Women/Younger Men and Honorifics

It’s Episode 4 of The Gentle Dommecast! And this week The Rough Subbe and I are talking about older women/younger men dynamics and how those might or might not relate to femdom. (In my case, they kind of do.) We talk about what’s hot and fun about age gap relationships, as well as some of the difficulties involved in them. And we also bring up fetishizing age. Hint. I don’t like it.

Then we discuss honorifics, including the role they have in our relationship, what names The Rough Subbe likes to use for me and some of the pet names I use for him. We also talk about names we dislike for various reasons. (It took me a little while to come around to Ma’am.)

I think the sound was a little off this week, so I’m sorry if parts are a bit hard to hear. I’m going to be more careful about that from now on.

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