Domme Bites: Can Kink Help Control Chronic Pain?

gentle domme bite me

According to a study in Disability Studies Quarterly, practicing BDSM can help some people with chronic pain.

At first glance, this might seem counterintuitive. As author Emma Sheppard says, “Why would someone who lives with chronic pain want more pain?” But the difference is that kink pain is “chosen pain,” that lasts for a specific amount of time, as opposed to chronic pain, which is definitely non-consensual and ongoing. In addition, chronic pain often leaves victims of it feeling out of control.

In opposition, Sheppard says, “In using pain within their play, participants were able to engage emotionally with their pain, and with their bodily selves, in a controlled space, and in ways in which they were in control, rather than relying on the judgement of medics or caregivers. This is because in kink, they had the ability to decide how they received pain, and to call a stop to any activity—as well as the knowledge that the pain is temporary.”

If you’re a kinky spoonie or just have one in your life, you should definitely check this full study out. I found it pretty fascinating.

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