Niteflirt sensual domination

Woot! My New Niteflirt Listing Is Live!

Hello, my Darling Deviants!

My new and improved main Niteflirt listing is up and running. I’ve been trying to get it just right for the last few days. The Niteflirt system is quite old, so it’s not that easy to get things looking the way I wanted them. Luckily, I had some help from a very tech savvy person in my life! But I’m also gradually picking up more and more HTML skills as I go.

It might still be a bit busy! 😉 But there are lots of pretty moving images enticing you to click on them for sensual domination!

I recently learned from another very helpful flirt that I could get reviews on PTVs that would help my listing score in a way that I cannot on my goodies. (If you aren’t on Niteflirt, this means nothing to you. But if you are, and you love me, please use my PTV links when you can so you can give me fabulous reviews for my sexy femdom audios.)

By the way, I have a new one up today! I’ll post about it tomorrow.

I had an amazing day yesterday in terms of being very busy! And now today is very quiet. That’s how things go in the life of an online Mistress! I’m currently feeling wistful looking at the pretty Travelzoo ad that showed up in my inbox this morning and thinking about all the places I want to go–and soon!

Although I like many places, I’m really missing Las Vegas, the glitz and glamour, the shows and the dancing, all the people! I guess maybe because it’s the antithesis of our COVID year+. I’m sure it’s somewhat up and running, but it can’t be the Vegas I love. I wonder when it will get relatively back to normal, because I can’t wait to go again!

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