gentle femdom facesitting

My Feelings About Facesitting

gentle femdom facesitting
Up, up and away….

Ah, face sitting. The vanilla man’s kink.

Honestly, in my explorations, I have yet to meet a GGG man who ISN’T into face sitting, top or bottom, sub or dom, or just plain vanilla ice cream.

And yet face sitting gets heavily lumped into BDSM femdom tropes. And I suppose I understand why. Certainly, you are in control when you are atop another person’s face, your pussy or ass snugly fit against their mouth, the pressure of your body pinning them to the bed or the floor or the ground.

It can feel smothering, I suppose. And lots of people like to feel smothered.

It can feel restraining. Maybe you’d call it bondage by vagina.

And submissive men generally like to please. (Although, I would argue that most men who care about their partners like to please too.) But it can be pleasing in a particularly objectifying way.

And I almost always include it in my audio porn if you get the privilege to be my seat!

But I’m going to tell you a little secret.

I don’t really love face sitting. Just me. Personally. Myself.

Why? Well, I don’t come easily from oral sex. I am not an orgasm machine. I’m more like most men, in that I’m one and done until the tension has built back up again. I am always a little amused and annoyed when men tell me how MANY times they’re going to get me to come…over and over and over. That doesn’t sound enjoyable to me. I get very sensitive. Don’t assume to know what I want.

And the way I learned to come, many some years ago, was to extend my legs and tense them up. That tensing helps me get…there. I don’t know exactly why. I know I’m not the only woman who does this. Maybe it’s because I learned to masturbate humping a pillow. I might be able to unlearn it, but, frankly, it works for me.

When I’m sitting on someone’s face, I can’t tense my legs. I can’t extend them. Therefore, it’s almost impossible for me to come in that position.

It can still feel good! And it can be exciting, especially if I know my partner likes it. But a really good oral session for me involves lying on my back, pillows fluffed under my head, while I am teased and attended to like the queen I, of course, am!

I like to be able to relax, to fantasize, to really be able to use my body, and to grab my partner’s head and place it exactly where I want it. And then hold it there, until he’s either passed out or I’ve come. (Kidding. Kidding. No making someone pass out for pussy unless you’ve been properly trained.)

So, I guess I’m coming clean (there is such a cuckold joke there) about my real feelings about face sitting. And maybe there is a bit of a lesson in there about stereotypes and beliefs about things that women generally want.

I think men tend to assume that dominant women naturally enjoy face sitting because it puts them in a physical position of power and because they—the submissive men—like that position. They like being literally underneath a woman. And I’m not knocking that hotness or saying that there aren’t tons of women who do enjoy that position.

It’s just a little cautionary tale not to assume that because something is seen as typical, your partner is naturally going to enjoy it. Every person is different. You should take your time getting to know their individual bodies and desires.

Now, the important question. Will I keep using face sitting in my audio porn? Sure. Because while face sitting is not likely to ever specifically get me to orgasm, knowing that men are eager and frustrated and desperate at the thought, most certainly will.

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