I have my first vore caller, and I am so excited!

You know I never give specific personal details about clients, but I’m just going to say that this kink is SO MUCH fun!

In case you’ve not heard of vore, I shall explain. Vore is basically a kink where someone gets off on the idea of being eaten.

There are several kinds of vore. There’s “soft” vore and “hard” vore.

Soft vore is…gentle….in terms of being consumed by someone. It tends to ignore the blood and guts. Instead, you are eaten whole by someone, and I suppose left to stew in their digestive juices?

Hard vore can be gory. It involves, I guess, what it might be like to ACTUALLY be eaten by someone? On Niteflirt, I’m not allowed to discuss blood play, so I have only done soft vore, and I think I like it that way. I must admit that I don’t watch enough horror films to be able to do justice to ripping a person apart and consuming him piece by piece.

My vore client appeared out of nowhere, and I was initially afraid to take his call. I admitted that I had no personal experience with this kink, and it’s not a kink of mine. I don’t advertise for it.

But I always do love reactions, and when he said I got to be a powerful witch making myself more and more powerful through consuming him….well….how could I turn that down? My inner Maleficent went wild!

Vore is often connected to giantess fantasies or to shrinking fantasies, which makes sense, since it is a little hard to physically explain how I would open my jaw wide enough to accommodate a full grown man. But I manage. I manage. 😉

Now I have a vore audio in mind, telling my hapless prey all about how I am prepared to tenderize and season him until I finally swallow him whole and soak up his essence, becoming more and more powerful through his willing weakness and sacrifice to me.


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