Ups and Downs and Erotic Hypnosis to Boot!

Completely. Not even partially!

I know I haven’t been as prolific on my blog as of late. This has been for several reasons. I had a guest. I was traveling. I’m on some new medication that’s giving me some weird side effects. AND I got my second vaccine!

All of those are good things, even the medication with the weird side effects, but I have felt pulled in a thousand different directions. I promise to write more soon!

I have, however, been quite prolific with my audio content creation. I’ve had a lot of callers and chatters interested in erotic hypnosis, and while I’m far from an expert at it, people seem to like listening to my sultry voice whispering dirty nothings into their ears! So, I’ve been making quite a few femdom erotic hypnosis audios. I’ve actually cataloged them all here, if you’re interested!

They are quite fun to make, and I plan to continue my education so I can get even better! I hope all my darling deviants are staying safe!

2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs and Erotic Hypnosis to Boot!”

  1. I’m super new to GFD and just found your podcast! Thank gawd haha I love the dynamic between you and Rough Subbe and can’t say enough what a fantastic resource your insights have been! (Not to mention the two of you have the sexiest freaking voices!) Can’t wait for the next episode!

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