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The Gentle Dommecast Episode 11: The Return of Kink Events & Subbing vs. Bottoming

femdom podcast

In Episode 11 of The Gentle Dommecast, The Rough Subbe and I discuss the return of kink events post pandemic and the difference between submission and bottoming, specifically in F/m femdom.

We decided to wing this one, and we went off on a bunch of tangents. 

I am SUPER excited about events starting again, and my intent was to discuss kink events in general, but I got waylaid into discussing BIG kink events, and the way relationships can be tested when attending them. Maybe I’ll revisit events in a later episode.

We also discussed the difference between going to events as a man or a woman. I realized after that I do tend to be very binary with my language because my frame of reference is as a cis-gender mostly straight woman. I usually depend on TRS to remind me to be inclusive, but he was drinking brandy. 😉 So, please forgive me for that. 

Last, we took on the difference between submission and bottoming and how bottoms can sometimes get a bad rap, especially online. But we both love bottoms! The kink kind and the cute butt ones. 

I hope you enjoy! 

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