Premie Forever!

(10 Minutes) Let’s just get this out of the way. You know that you’re a premature ejaculator. I know. I know. It’s so embarrassing. Isn’t it? Knowing that you can’t last? Knowing that I drain your stamina more and more every time you listen to me—and yet you just can’t stop. Don’t want to stop! But I like you this way. Ruining you for other women. Training you to give up control for me. You’re not fit for sex anymore, but that’s kind of fun. Isn’t it! And don’t get any crazy ideas about stopping. It would be a shame if anyone had to find out about your little problem…your little predilection. Wouldn’t it? So keep stroking. For as long as it takes. It won’t take long. (Premature Ejaculation, Training, Homewrecking, Ruined for Other Women, Blackmail-Fantasy)

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