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Miss Vivian’s Intro to Erotic Hypnosis

Miss Vivian’s Intro to Femdom Erotic Hypnosis

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(6 Minutes) Hi. Today we’re just going to have a little conversation. I know you’re here because you think you’re going to be hypnotized, and that fine. It’s totally fine to be here because you want to open up that adorable little mind of yours to me. The truth is that it’s easy to be hypnotized. You even do it to yourself all the time. But what’s a little tricker is finding someone who understands how to seduce your mind into giving up more and more control. Maybe you’ve never experimented with hypnosis before or maybe you’ve been enjoying erotic hypnosis for years. It doesn’t really matter, because by listening to this, we’re going to form a little connection. It feels good to let go. Doesn’t it? To give in. To give up? Especially to someone who understands what you need…not even what you want, but what you NEED. So, let’s just relax, and I’ll talk and get you nice and empty. Like a good boy. My very good, very empty boy.

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