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Really. Really.

I talked to a man this morning who wanted me to tell him what a day with me would really be like.

I said, “Really? Really? Or fantasy really?”

He said, “Really. Really.”

I said, “Okay. But you’re going to be disappointed.”

I said, “Really. We would wake up. We’d have coffee. We might have some breakfast. We’d go out and take a walk…”

He said, “Yes, but when do you get me on all fours and put the collar and leash on?”


I said, “You asked for REALLY. REALLY. I told you that you were going to be disappointed!”

Sometimes I feel very guilty about what I’m doing to all the lifestyle dommes out there–myself included.

Play is play. Fantasy is fantasy. 9/10th of any actual relationship is not kinky play. It’s just the average everyday stuff.

I haven’t met a dominant/toppy woman yet who wanted to be an unpaid kink dispenser.

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  1. Men are, for the most part, always starved for sexual attention. This is just one of the ways that it comes out. 😂

    For example, I want to talk about sex, and have sex, and play sexy games every two hours or so, and I would like to be woken up when necessary to maintain that schedule.

    My wife wants to talk about sex once a decade, have sex once a week, and play sexy games once a year. (I am NOT complaining; it is what it is, and I love her dearly.)

    So (she being my own “lifestyle domme” 😂), we came to a reasonable compromise: We talk about sex once a decade, have sex once a week, and play sexy games once a year.

    And I guess the rest of the time, my brain will have to make due with fantasy … ’cause it ain’t gettin’ anything else.

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