Episode 8 of the The Gentle Dommecast: Fetlife!

femdom podcast
femdom podcast

In Episode 8 of The Gentle Dommecast The Rough Subbe and I talk all about Fetlife! 

We discuss what Fetlife is, who might want to use it and why–or why not. We also talk about what we love and hate about Fetlife.

On our list, we met through Fetlife. So, that’s a major positive! 

On the negative side, hot eighteen year old girls on K&P who belong to “Daddy.” 

Okay. The Rough Subbe probably doesn’t find that quite as tedious as I do. 

Overall, this was a pretty silly episode, and I went off on some tangents, including berating The Rough Subbe for tea drinking and accidentally implying that I’m old. I also used the word “woke,” without irony, further cementing that I am old. 

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