Just a Little Bit Burned Out

I realize I have been slacking on all of my writing lately. This has been for a few reasons.

First, when I started this blog, it was simply a blog about gentle femdom. I posted quite frequently, but that was all I was doing. Then in the fall, I sort of stumbled into Niteflirt, and I found that it was far more lucrative than blog writing.

Fun fact. My mother suggested that I write down stories about my phone sex (anonymously) so that I could later write a book about it. And I explained that I could definitely make more money actually just doing phone sex than publishing any book I could write about it. So that tells you something about what people value. 😉

Once I got into Niteflirt, I still tried to maintain my blog, AND I started making a lot of paid audio content (and some free audio content as well). AND I started posting more frequently on Twitter. AND I was trying to maintain my Fetlife account.

I was getting pretty successful on Niteflirt. Okay. Quite successful. BUT that comes at a cost of time and energy. And I found myself having periods of feeling burned out.

To be good at what I do, I need to be attuned to what my clients want and need, remember their likes and dislikes, and I need to overall be excited and into what we’re talking about. If I’m not, I think it becomes fairly obvious. I don’t think I would have had the success I was having if I wasn’t being attuned to those needs.

I was trying to increase my marketing presence as well as taking a lot of calls and having a lot of chat sessions with people, and eventually–something had to give. The truth is that because I’m talking about kink all day, I’ve been finding that I haven’t even been wanting much kink in my personal life.

So, right now I’m trying to find some balance, especially going into the summer months when hopefully things are going to start opening up. I don’t want to spend all summer tied to my computer.

BUT I also do really enjoy working on Niteflirt and making my audios. It feels difficult to leave money on the table knowing that I could work more hours. But if I start feeling like it’s not enjoyable, my callers will be able to tell, and I will be unhappy.

I’ve had lots of things going on in my personal life. Not bad things. Just things that are eating up time and energy. So, I’m telling myself it’s okay to step back for a while and not post as much and not even be on Niteflirt as much. Take the busy days as they come and not stress about the slow days.

We’ll see. I’m a Type A personality, so let’s see if it will last or not.

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