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The Gentle Domme on YouPorn Erotica

Hello, my Darling Deviants!

I have an announcement to make! You can now find some of my written erotica on YouPorn’s new erotica site under The Gentle Domme’s Sensual Femdom Stories and Fantasies! Stories are still be added, as some are still under review. More should become available in the days to come.

I’m still holding back some stories under the delusion that I’m eventually going to publish them all in a collection. But that would mean that I would have the TIME to do that, which I do not seem to have!

So, in the mean time, you can visit my new channel and read my stories there. In addition, I have them published here, and I have a few up on Literotica. I had some intention of posting more at Literotica, but that also got sidelined because my life is basically all smut all the time.

And I know many readers would like more about Joyce and Adam. I am still so into them, and I would love to continue their kinky romance. I really need to take a week off and just work on writing, but the allure of creating audio smut is strong. And writing takes mental energy that I don’t think I have right now.

So, soon, my lovelies! Soon!

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