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A Halloween Treat for Good Boys

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope yours was better than mine. It was depressing. Wasn’t it? I did socially distanced Trick or Treating, but not many kids showed up. Like everything else in 2020, it was rather sad. Here is to a better Halloween in 2021!

However, as a special post Halloween treat, I’m giving all my good boys a free puppy play audio file.

You’re such a good puppy! After I put you through your puppy paces and give you a spanking to make sure you learn your lessons, you get to hump your mistress’s leg as a special treat!

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it!

4 thoughts on “A Halloween Treat for Good Boys”

  1. Somehow the comment I wrote last night when I listened to your audio did not get printed. I so much enjoyed being your pet puppy last night as your gentle and mellifluous voice led me to embrace something I had never experienced before. As I licked my paws, my “tail” was constantly shaking back and forth, as the experience became more and more pleasurable. As I sat on my haunches to beg to have permission to express my joy of being your puppy by licking you, I could easily imagine laying down at your feet and having you scratch behind my ears and maybe even rub my belly. Thank you again for enabling me to have such a wonderful experience!

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