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Death by Snu Snu

Thanks to my new phone conversations, I got to learn more about a kink yesterday!

Giantess fantasies!

I was aware of giantess fantasies before this. (Death by Snu Snu!) I can’t say that I’ve personally met a lot of people in the Scene with this kind of fantasy—maybe just one or two—or maybe more just never mentioned it to me.

But it always seemed like a great kink to me, just a very innocuous kind of kink that was very imaginative. Although, I am also aware that some giantess fantasies end with being eaten by the giantess.

And the person I talked to about the fantasy was nice and appreciative and told me so much about the kink and what they liked about it. I just ended up thinking, this is great! This is so much fun, and probably healthier for me than obsessing about the election tomorrow.

I don’t want to say too much that’s specific about what I discussed with one person. That’s not representative of the kink as a whole or respecting their privacy.

But I felt like it was such a physical personification of the appeal of femdom. Here is quite literally this woman who is more powerful than you. She can be mean and dangerous or she can be the ultimate maternal figure, powerful but nurturing.

I don’t think it would ever be a fantasy of MINE. As a woman, I feel like I’ve spent all my life wanting to be physically small because that’s what society perceives as attractive. But it was a fascinating fantasy to talk about. I think that I think about the more common kinks so much that I forget about less common ones.

The human mind is amazing!

4 thoughts on “Death by Snu Snu”

  1. I need a woman ’bout twice my height
    Statuesque, raven-tressed, a goddess of the night
    A secret incantation, candle burning blue
    We’ll consult the spirits, maybe they’ll know what to do

    I need a woman ’bout twice my weight
    A ton of fun who packs a gun with all that other freight
    Find her in a side-show, leave her in LA
    Ride her like a surfer riding on a tidal wave

    And it’s real
    And it won’t go away, oh no
    Can’t get around and I can’t run away
    I need a miracle every day

    — from the Grateful Dead’s “I Need a Miracle”

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