The Pandemic is a Real Kink Killer

Pardon the snark, since people are dealing with real death and despair, but I must admit that my interest in kink has waned quite a bit since COVID hit.

I wrote the majority of my earlier articles earlier in the year before the pandemic began. Therefore, my latest previous articles before this one were not dated correctly. I wasn’t out and about at a kink event in the middle of lockdown. That would have been very irresponsible!

My intention had been to keep writing, but once COVID hit, my libido took a definite downturn from which it hasn’t quite recovered. In addition, I obviously couldn’t attend any events. I think my partner in crime (AKA kink) and I turned to comfort rather than debauchery.

I hope to feel more inspired soon! And then I’ll be back with more articles. 🙂

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1 thought on “The Pandemic is a Real Kink Killer”

  1. I feel you so hard here. 🙁 It seems like I’m going to be stuck in stasis for quite a while. And all the subs I know cannot sustain any interest without the guarantee of playing soon, which makes me feel like none of them probably have valued me that much to begin with. I feel kinda *done* with even trying, for now…

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