The Package

It would be fine. It wasn’t like the thing was going to say “chastity cage” on the side of the box. Was it? Of course not. He was being ridiculous. People ordered tons of sex toys on the internet. Nobody advertised it. They would never know.

Greg’s phone dinged just as the meeting was starting. He glanced at it quickly, not wanting to be rude to the presenter.

“Saw a package came for you when we got home. We’ll hold on to it to it doesn’t get stolen. You can get it tonight. –Sophia & Kristen”

Shit. He could feel himself break out in a cold sweat as the guy at the front of the room started saying something about production values. The text was from his new upstairs neighbors. They were cute young girls a few years out of college. He was pretty sure they’d said they were teachers? God, he wished he had teachers who had looked like that. They were both blondes. Could even be sisters, they looked so much alike, but they weren’t.  Friendly, sweet smiles. Both a little thick, in a good way, in a way he’d wanted to grab on to their hips and give them a good…But, they were young. Teachers. He was such a pervert sometimes. Why couldn’t he control himself around women?

Arghhhhh. He groaned internally, pretending to focus on whatever was going on in the presentation. Why was he such an idiot? He could have used a package locker and picked the damn thing up himself. But he was supposed to be working from home today, before this stupid meeting got called. And yes, it was certainly nice that they took it in for him. He was the one who told them about the packages that had gotten stolen from the woman in the upstairs apartment before they moved in. It was a nice thing for them to do. But just. Why THIS package?

The first speaker sat down and his co-workers clapped politely. He found himself mimicking them, his thoughts a million miles away. Actually, his thoughts were closer than that. A lot closer. Like basically entirely focused around his cock.

It would be fine. It wasn’t like the thing was going to say “chastity cage” on the side of the box. Was it? Of course not. He was being ridiculous. People ordered tons of sex toys on the internet. Nobody advertised it. They would never know.

Except that now he knew they had it, that his new chastity cage was sitting right in the middle of these girls’ apartment, that they could find out his secret at any time, it was literally all he could think about.

What if they knew? They’d know what a pervert he was. 

He couldn’t even explain why he’d bought it. He’d just had fantasies about it for a long time, the idea of a woman controlling his cock. Controlling him. He’d had one before he started dating Barbara, but then he threw it away when they got serious. He wanted to tell her, ask her to use it on him, but he’d been too embarrassed. After they broke up the fantasies started coming back. Well, to be honest, they’d never really gone away. Had they.

Oh my god, what if they saw it? He’d never be able to look them in the eyes again. They’d think he was a degenerate.

“So, what do you think, Greg?” His boss smiled at him expectantly.

“Oh.” He nodded. “Uh. I think it’s great!”

The meeting was endless. He literally thought they would keep him there overnight. When they suggested bringing in dinner he wanted to scream, but he powered through, made a mad dash for the subway, and finally he was at his front door.

It was no big deal. He’d just get the package. In fact, standing there, he realized what a moron he’d been to freak out. It was just a package. They were never going to know what was inside of it.

So, relaxed, he climbed the stairs to the row house and rang Sophia and Kristen’s doorbell.

The doorbell barely rang once before the door opened, Sophia standing in the doorway. She was wearing a comfortable looking pair of cotton pajamas with kittens on them. She had her long hair up in a ponytail. She was barefoot.

Behind her, he could see Kristen lounging on their living room couch also wearing some kind of pajama set. Her hair was down. She was munching on something crispy, a bag in her hands, her feet planted on the coffee table in front of her. The TV was on.

“Greg!” Sophia smiled. She was so smiley. “Kristen,” she said, turning to her roommate, “Greg’s here!”

“Hi Greg!” Kristen waved from the couch. She put the bag in her hands on the table. “We were waiting for you!”

“Um. You were?”

Sophia opened the door wider. “Yeah! Come on in. We were just watching The Romancer. You can watch it with us.”

“Oh. That’s a really nice offer, but I just came to get that package that was dropped off for me. It was super nice of you to bring it inside. I know I told you. There’s a real theft problem in the neighborhood. But I’m pretty tired. So, I’m just going to grab it and go, if you don’t mind.”

Sophia turned her head toward Kristen. “Greg just wants his package,” she said.

“Oh yeah?” Kristen smiled at Greg again. “It’s right here.” She pointed in front of her toward the coffee table.

He waited for Sophia to get it for him, but she didn’t move. So, he said, “Okay,” and shuffled inside the house. As he neared the coffee table, he heard the door close behind him. At the same time, he saw exactly what was on the coffee table—his chastity cage sitting neatly next to a bag of chips—the box beside the cage, empty.

“Oh my God!” He lunged for it, and at the same time, he heard Kristen and Sophia break out into peals of laughter. He grabbed it off the table and clutched it to his chest. He wasn’t sure if he was going to cry or yell.  He was sure he’d never been more humiliated in his life or ever would be.

“You opened it?” It was all he could muster.

Sophia was still standing by the door, bent over laughing, and Kristen was practically sideways on the couch, her face red. She couldn’t seem to stop giggling. Finally, Sophia managed to calm down enough to speak.

“We’re sorry! Really! Honestly, I didn’t open it before I sent you that message. Kristen thought it was the necklace she ordered. I don’t think either of us expected…this,” she said, pointing to the metal cage clutched against his chest. “But then we saw it. And, it was just so funny!”

“And we’d never seen one in real life,” Kristen chimed in. “We were curious! We wanted to see how it works.”

This had to be a nightmare. He would never be able to face these women again. “You wanted to see how it works?” He literally had no idea what to do. Did he storm out? How fast could he move? He shouted, “It’s a felony to tamper with the US mail!”

This set them both off into cascades of giggles.

Sophia came up behind him and draped a soft arm around his waist. She started guiding him to the couch, and to his surprise, he let her. He thought he was probably in shock.

“You’re right,” she said. “Please don’t turn us in. Okay?”

He definitely heard her snicker.

She led him between the coffee table and the couch and plopped him down next to Kristen, and then she sat down on the other side of him, so he was sandwiched between the two of them. He felt weirdly like a doll. He grasped the cage two-handed between his fists. He clenched his knees tightly together.

“Let’s make a deal,” she said, eyeing him and then her roommate. “You show us how it works, and nobody will tell anything. Okay? It will just be a secret between the three of us.” Then the two girls each put a hand on one of his knees and gently began to pry open his legs.

“Wow. Okay,” he said, not so much as in agreement, but as a way to try to process what was happening here. The girls were each massaging a thigh lightly, as his legs spreader wider and wider, and he could feel himself start to get hard.

He wasn’t even sure how he felt anymore. Angry? Mortified? Confused? Aroused? Yes, definitely aroused. The anger was starting to fade and the mortification was ebbing into a pleasant embarrassment, a lot like the kind he felt when he was fantasizing about being locked.

“Okay,” he said, again, slowly. This time he meant it as a yes. A tentative yes. “But,” he looked each girl in the eyes, all four blue, and asked, “Why?”

“Why ask why, Greg,” said Sophia, squeezing his thigh a little harder. “You don’t think you’re the only one who likes to get a little kinky. Do you?” She reached over him and tugged open Kristin’s pajama top, revealing a perky breast. Then she quickly pinched Kristen’s nipple until the girl squealed.


“Sometimes it’s fun to be in control. Right, Kristen?”

Kristen smirked and rubbed her now erect nipple. “And sometimes it’s fun to be out of it.”

“So, just show us,” said Sophia. She got very close to him and whispered in his ear. “Be a good boy. Don’t worry. We’ll take good care of you.”

Greg tried to slow his breathing. “Okay,” he said again. “But I’m never going to be able to get it on with you two next to me touching me like this. I’m really turned on,” he admitted.

Kristen grabbed his crotch and squeezed.  “Ooooh. He is! Sophia, feel!”

Sophia grabbed at him too, and they took turns massaging his cock, which now felt like it would never fit in a cage. In fact, he couldn’t remember the last time he was this turned on.

Finally, Sophia stopped and pushed Kristin’s hand away too. “We’re never going to get to see it if we keep this up. He’s too excitable. Look.” She pointed to the wet spot that had appeared on his pants. “Well, we can see why he needs the cage. Can’t we?” she said.

Greg tried to protest. “I don’t NEED it! You guys are touching me. There are two of you. It’s a lot!”

“Uh huh,” said Sophia. She put her hand lightly over his mouth and glanced down at the stain on his slacks. “Sure. You don’t need it at all. You’ve just made a mess all over yourself because you’re totally in control. Right?”

She smiled at him, sweetly, and then patted him on the back. “Now, be a good boy and go in the bathroom, and don’t come out until your cage is on. I know it might take a few minutes for you to calm down. But don’t worry. We’ll wait.”

In the girls’ lavender scented bathroom, Greg tried hard not to think too much about anything, because when he did, he varied between being pretty sure he was going to have an anxiety attack and being unable to get rid of the raging boner between his legs. Finally, he pretended he was in yoga and did deep breathing, focusing on his breath, until both his anxiety and erection subsided.

Then he carefully put on the cage. It was the same kind he’d had before he started dating Barbara. So, he knew how to get it on, even though he forgotten how snug it could feel. He took the metal ring and carefully slid his balls through first, tugging gently, one by one, and then managed to pull his flaccid cock through the ring, so both his testicles and penis were being hugged by it. Then he slid the metal cage over his cock and fitted the pegs into the holes so the two pieces clicked together. Then he finally fitted the padlock on to hold the cage in place and locked it with the small key provided.

Almost immediately, he felt a slight buzz in his body, like he was a little high. He could feel the weight of the cage dangle between his legs, the way he felt encased, restricted. He touched his cock between the slotted metal bars of the cage. It was just enough sensation that he started to get hard again, his skin pressing up against the inside of the metal, but not quite enough that he could get full satisfaction. He remembered why he loved the feeling so much.

“Greg?” He heard a feminine voice from outside the bathroom. “How are you doing in there?”

“Um. I’m almost done,” he said.

He took a big breath. Now that he had the cage on, he acknowledged this was really happening. He’d never used a cage in front of an actual woman before. Just the thought was so stimulating that he started leaking pre-cum from the end of the cage. He grabbed some toilet paper and desperately started to try and wipe it up, when the door opened, and he was caught here, pants and underpants around his ankles, leaking cock straining against its enclosure.

It was Sophia. “Oh my god, Kristen,” she said, eyeing him up and down. “He’s adorable. Come look!”

“No!” He tried to pull his pants up with one hand, but Sophia reached out and stopped him, and then the two girls were standing in the doorway of the bathroom staring at him, exposed and vulnerable. He knew somewhere in his mind that he should feel humiliated, but he seemed to have passed that point sometime in the last few minutes, and now he just felt like an object in a pleasant kind of way, as Sophia and Kristen ogled his caged nakedness. 

“He really is,” said Kristen. “Can I?” she asked, more to Kristen than to him, as she reached out one manicured hand and fondled his cock, making the cage swing lightly from side to side. He felt the pleasant tug from the weight in his balls, and his cock trying to get bigger trapped inside the metal, and he groaned outright.

The girls giggled again. “Here. Let’s get all these clothes off you, so we can get a good look,” said one. They were starting to blur together.

And he felt himself being led out of the bathroom and back into the living room, where they peeled off his sweater and t-shirt and took off his shoes and socks, and finally helped him out of his pants and boxers until he was just standing naked in the middle of the room with nothing on but the cage.

Finally, Sophia opened his palm, and he let her take the key out of it. She slipped it into the pocket of her pajama top.

Then the girls walked around him, him totally naked, them still in their pajamas, tittering and stroking him and pressing themselves up against him just to see his reaction, which was now an almost continuous stream of pre-cum that was beginning to drip onto the floor, and a series of moans and whimpers, especially every time one “accidentally” pressed her hand up against his cock or extremely sensitive balls. e

“Oh my Greg,” Sophia said, taking his cock firmly in her hand. “You’re looking quite pent up in there. “I’ll bet we could get you to do just about anything right now.”

He nodded, vigorously. He thought he’d lost the capacity for speech. “Yes,” he finally managed. “Yes, please.”

They laughed more. With him? At him? He wasn’t sure at this point, and it didn’t really matter anyway.

With that, they took him by the hand and led him back toward the living room couch. Kristen pushed the coffee table out of the way. Then the girls looked at each other slyly and slipped off their pajama bottoms.

Underneath, they were totally bare—just their neatly trimmed blonde pussies right in front of his face.

“Look what you’ve done to us,” said Sophia, coyly, slipping one of her fingers into Kristen, coating it with wetness. Kristen moaned and shuddered. Then Sophia took her wet finger and opened Greg’s mouth slightly with it, feeding it to him. He sucked at it greedily.

“Now why don’t you get down for us,” she said, pointing to the ground, “And go down.” And Greg obediently climbed onto all fours as the girls took their spots back on the couch. This time it was their legs that were spread wide, their pussies wet and open, and Sophia crooked her finger at him, motioning for him to crawl forward.

“You know, we can hear you down there,” she said, as Greg planted his face between her thighs, his caged cock swinging uncomfortably but tantalizingly. He began to lap at her cunt, hungry, painting his face with her. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him close so she could grind against him. “That’s right. Right there,” she said, his face so buried in her, he could barely breathe.

“The sound carries,” said Kristen. She was watching and fingering herself, as she waited her turn. “You don’t think we can hear. But we hear everything.”

All those nights watching porn. Chastity porn. Denial porn. Jerking off. He’d thought he was being quiet. Apparently, he wasn’t.

Sophia climaxed loudly, gripping her thighs around his head and trembling against him as she came. Then she passed him over to Kristen.

She gave his cock a short stroke with her foot as Kristen opened her legs nice and wide to accommodate him and he whimpered with pleasure with the feeling of fullness and aching in his cock and of being so thoroughly used.

“I think he’s pretty good. Don’t you Kristen?” Sophia leaned back on the couch to watch. She used her toes to idly toy with his cock. “Don’t worry. You can be a little less gentle with him. Can’t she, Greg?” Sophia didn’t wait for an answer before she pushed his face deeper into Kristen’s pussy, making both of them moan.

Finally, he heard Kristen cry out, her thighs clamped around him. “Oh, god. Yes. He’s good. He’s very good.”

He slumped to the floor, his cock still straining. Kristen and Sophia’s wetness were literally coating his face. He felt sticky. Sticky and…tingly….and….pleased with himself. He was doing a good job. He was being a good boy. Wasn’t that what he had wanted all along? Yes, it was. 

He crawled back to Sophia and lay his head in her lap, where she stroked his hair gently. Then she slowly dangled the key to his cage in front of his glazed eyes and said, “I’ll just hold on to this for you.”

He didn’t have to see her face to know she was smiling.

“I don’t think you’ll mind. Will you? After all, we wouldn’t want it to get stolen.”

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