So Much Going On!

I feel like I’ve been neglecting a little bit of everything lately! I’ve had some exciting and fun things going on in my personal life that have taken up time, and Monday and Tuesday of this week were very busy on Niteflirt. (Thanks, my lovelies!)

But this wacky world audio smut peddling never really stops! Things on my to do list include:

  1. Make another podcast episode. Eeeep! It’s been a few weeks. I have to wrangle The Rough Subbe for that and decide on a topic.
  2. Keep up with my Twitter. Sometimes I feel incredibly amusing, even if I’m not, and I have lots of things to say. Other times I get distracted by the trending topics and go on tangents about Bill Gates. (I mean, really???? Who wasn’t kind of shocked!)
  3. Making more audio content. I am kind of the audio Queen. Well, I’m ALWAYS a Queen. But I mean that I already have a lot of audio content for sale. Currently, I have 153 active clips on Niteflirt. I like to try and release at least a few a week.
  4. Manage my IWantClips audios.
  5. Try to figure out why my Clips4Sale audios are not really showing up and why I can’t understand how to use that site!
  6. Generally promote myself in various ways in my effort to take over the world.

That doesn’t count all the billion other things I could do.

But what I do really want to do right now? Go watch the new episodes of Pose and my favorite torture porn The Handmaid’s Tale. And eat something decadent and sweet. (I can’t. I’m on a diet for lingerie season–basically the rest of my life.)

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