Becoming Teacher’s Pet

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What I propose is that we strengthen your willpower and attempt to reduce some of those confusing and distracting urges that young men your age are prone to experiencing. What you need to learn is restraint and the ability to push through distractions.

Hello. Thank you for coming to see me after class during office hours. I know I give you a lot of homework, so I understand this puts an extra burden on you. But I think in the long run you’ll find our meeting…meetings will be, perhaps, to your benefit.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but you are currently my favorite student. You see, every once in a while I spy a student who has such potential, but doesn’t realize it. He could be truly excellent, but for some reason, there is something holding him back. You are such a student, my dear, and it pains me because my job is to help you be all that you can be, and I feel like I’m failing you.

No. No. I know you LIKE me. I’m flattered that I’m your favorite teacher, but it’s not important that you like me. What’s important is that you learn from me. That you show improvement.

Do you think you’ve demonstrated improvement as this year has progressed? Answer me honestly. I can tell when one of my students is lying.

Really. Well, it’s commendable that you can admit to your failures. Let’s take the last quiz we had on 19th century poet, Emily Dickinson. You got the basic questions correct. However, you failed at many of the more detailed questions. Don’t you think that details matter? Shouldn’t we strive for perfection?

Yes. I agree. That’s why I think we should start by reviewing your quiz..but this time with a little extra encouragement.

Stand up. Pull down your pants and lean over the desk.

That’s a good boy.

I know this might be embarrassing, but remember, I’m your instructor. You don’t need to be afraid. I have your best interests at heart. And the sooner we get this over with, the fewer people will see you in such a very exposed position. Not too many people walk by my office, but the halls can get busy after football practice. And my…you ARE exposed. You have such a lovely bottom. It would be a shame to mar such beautiful, pink flesh.

Now, what I’m going to do is retest you on your quiz and see if you’ve mastered the questions you got incorrect before. If you have, thats excellent. If not, I will deliver five swats of my ruler for each incorrect question. As I punish you, I want you to say the correct answer out loud. And pay attention. Because I may surprise you by asking the same question more than one time to ensure you’re paying attention.

Well, I can’t help but be disappointed. But you did take your punishment well. That’s something to be proud of. Not even a tear. Well, maybe just one? Your face is certainly red now, but not as red as your rear. It’s actually more a lovely shade of pink. It may be a little challenging to sit tomorrow, but that should help remind you to apply yourself faithfully to your studies.

As I suspected, you haven’t been applying yourself as stringently as I’d like. The question is how to motivate a delicate boy like you. The typical enticements won’t work. Stand up. No. Don’t pull your pants up just yet. We’re not close to being done. You’re going to be up very late tonight completing your homework, I’m afraid.

My. I can see that my discipline certainly had an effect on you. Something is certainly standing at attention! How are you feeling right now? I think I can see some people looking in the office window. No. Don’t look. Eyes on me, please. If you’re embarrassed you only have yourself to blame for your performance, but I know you will do better next time. After all, you are my special boy.

What I propose is that we strengthen your willpower and attempt to reduce some of those confusing and distracting urges that young men your age are prone to experiencing. What you need to learn is restraint and the ability to push through distractions.

Let me ask you honestly. Has anyone ever touched you here? I can tell you’re rather innocent. It’s charming, really. Oh. I can see, and feel that you like that. It’s clearly a new experience for you.

Have you touched yourself? At night? Perhaps when you’re under the covers and you think your roommate might not hear? I’ll tell you a secret. I’ll bet he knows. And maybe you listen a little too long to the noises coming from the other bed and feel yourself getting excited?

That’s perfectly normal. No need to quiver like that. But it’s not quite the same as when someone else touches you. Is it? Especially someone who knows what she’s doing and has…a guiding hand?

My, you’re positively twitching and I can hear your breath getting harder. See. This is what I mean. When you give into your base impulses so easily, there’s simply no way for you to maintain the discipline required of you to remain an A+ student. And you want to be my A+ student. Don’t you?

Of course you do.

So let’s make this a little more challenging to strengthen your resolve. Hold these two dictionaries for me, one in each hand. Arms outstretched. That’s right. Let’s build up those muscles. I’ll keep touching you on two conditions. First, you need to keep holding my books for me. Second, I’ll be calling out some basic words you ought to know the definitions for. If you get them correct, the pleasure will continue. But for each definition you’re unsure of or get wrong, I’ll sadly have to apply my trusty cane to your beautiful bottom. It’s motivated quite a few boys in its time.

And remember. Hands down and game’s over. If you want release, you need to earn it, just like your grade.

Oh. Poor boy! Are those books getting heavy? But doesn’t my hand feel good wrapped around you? If that whimpering and begging is any indication, it certainly does. Stop bucking your hips against me. It’s unseemly. Shhh. You don’t have to do anything but concentrate on holding your position and your studies. Let me do the rest of the work. Relax and clear your mind.

You’re almost there. Aren’t you? But the books! You did very well on your definitions. You made me so proud, as well as the strong way you took the cane for your mistakes. Those marks will be excellent reminders in the days to come.

Oh! Such a shame—you dropping the books.

You’ll have to keep building your upper body strength. After all, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. And you so hard and dripping too. It looks painful. It really does hurt me more than it hurts you to see you this way.

Now I have one last lesson for you today.

I know it’s throbbing. Stop whining, please. You’re doing very well, and you’ve tried very hard. You’re not quite there yet, but I do see some immediate improvement.

Sit down on that chair. I’m going to pull my skirt up and I’m going to put you inside of me. Honestly, all of this instruction has gotten me a bit worked up, and you should get SOME reward for your effort. There’s nothing like positive reinforcement to make a lesson stick.

That’s it. It’s nice and warm and wet isn’t it. I’m sure it feels very snug in there. No. Don’t move. Just sit. I’m sure your bottom is still feeling rather sensitive. Isn’t it? But not too sensitive to enjoy the slippery slidey feelings, hmmm? You have to stop crying out like that. Three of my fingers in your mouth should do it.

There that’s better. Suck on these and concentrate on staying nice and hard for me.

I don’t have to ask you how it feels. Do I? I think I can tell by your eyes, and well, my lessons have clearly been…inspirational. I dare say I’m feeling inspired as well. Quiet. Close your eyes. Oh, you’ve been a very, very good boy. Can you feel how hard I’m gripping you. That’s it. That’s it. You can last just a little bit longer for me. Show me what you’ve learned!

Yes. Yes. That’s exactly the spot! Oh! Good work! Very, very good!

Well, that was refreshing. Thank you. Pull your pants up. Buckle your belt. I needed that. It’s challenging being such a dedicated instructor, and I’m glad you recognize that.

Oh, I know it’s difficult that I didn’t give you any release. Try not to beg. It’s not going to get you anywhere. You’ve made such improvements today, and I want you to keep striving to get better and better. If I just gave in to you so easily, I would be failing you. Now, I think it’s time for you to go back to your dorm and work on your homework. And I’ll expect to see you at my office hours tomorrow.

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