submissive pet

Down, Pet.

You’re such a good little pet for me. Always so eager. So desperate. Pawing at me. It could be annoying if I didn’t like your attention so much.

And, of course. I guess it IS kind of my fault that you’re like this. Being denied will keep a boy on edge. Literally and figuratively.

Mmm….you can give me little kisses. You can rub my feet. Right there. That’s the spot. You can brush my hair and get my coffee and fetch me snacks.

And for a reward? Well, you know that patience is a virtue, and by now you should be VERY virtuous. So just stay like that for me. For a little while longer. Or a lot. It’s hard to decide, but I think I’ll know when the time is right.

On my terms, pet. For now, heel.





Good boy. Just open your mouth and I’ll tell you when you can close it again.

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