Custom Audios and Experiences

Hello, My Darling Deviants!

I’ve been getting more and more requests for custom audios and chatting and talking on convenient platforms. I’ll be honest. I HATE discussing pricing. I like doing what I do and giving people, including myself, enjoyable experiences or (unenjoyable experiences that they enjoy). I don’t like haggling or making things feel transactional.

So, I have thought carefully about pricing and what seem to be industry rates for things. I want to be fair to people who want my time, because I am genuinely flattered and love the adoration. And I really enjoy talking with so many of the people I meet. Sometimes, quite a lot. 😉 But I also need to be fair to myself and feel good about the value I’m providing. And I am quite a value. 😉

I’ve put together pricing for both custom audios and chatting/phone conversations on convenient platforms. I am still very happy to talk on Niteflirt. I really like it, but I recognize that it doesn’t work well for some people.

So, if you’re interested in this, feel free to check out the links with more information and email me. Thanks!

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