I Recorded a Little Thing…Milking Does a Body Good!

gentle femdom milking
It does a body good.

I don’t know about you, but I have certain things…words…phrases…ideas…that really turn me on. Like they aren’t fully fleshed out role play fantasies. They’re more concepts. Even the words themselves will just do something to me…like calling someone a good boy and seeing or hearing their reaction.

If you talk to me about sexy things for any length of time, you’ll find that I have a repertoire, and that’s because these are just things that I find really hot.

And one of the concepts I find incredibly sexy is “milking.”

I mean, first of all, it just sounds totally dirty, and like a little bit off and definitely taboo. Milking. It makes me shiver a little and feel like a total perv just saying it.

I know when a lot of dommes and subs talk about milking, they’re really talking about prostate milking, which is something I have actually never gotten the chance to try (but I would totally like to one day.)

But when I talk about milking, it’s in a relationship to orgasm control, tease and denial, ruined orgasms and chastity.

It’s such an objectifying word. It almost sounds like the man is an animal and the experience is something necessary—not necessarily intended to be pleasant—merely neutral. Simply something that must be done for hygienic reasons.

Are your panties wet yet? Mine are!  

So, yeah. I love the idea of milkng a man in relation to controlling his orgasms. Keeping him chaste and denied for a period of time, frustrated and pent up, full, aching, needy….and then finally not only allowing him to come, but basically forcing him to come over and over again until he’s totally drained and empty.

And then we can start the process over again!

5 thoughts on “I Recorded a Little Thing…Milking Does a Body Good!”

  1. Yes, there are some words and/or terms that do the same for me. Some from just hearing them, others by speaking and some work both ways for me. The “p-spot” is one of them and goes hand in hand with the milking. Being able to hit hubwife’s p-spot gets me wet. Milking her like a cow while she’s on all fours and spewing into a little bowl for her consumption later can also be fun. It’s a scene loaded with objectification particularly in the presence of a third.

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