gentle femdom punishment

A Lesson on Looking at Other Women-Gentle Femdom Audio Erotica

Gentle Femdom Punishment
Good boys know who they belong to. Don’t they?

Well, that was so much fun yesterday, I decided to do another one. 🙂 For your listening pleasure, a gentle femdom audio erotica short, “A Lesson on Looking at Other Women.”

I don’t think I realized how amusing recording audio erotica is. It’s certainly easier than writing short stories, although I always enjoy finishing a story. Part of what I’m doing here is trying to figure out exactly what kind of content I want to provide. So, I’ll think of this as my latest experiment.

After I catch you looking at Jennifer’s cute ass at a party, you’re taught a lesson about who REALLY owns you.

5 thoughts on “A Lesson on Looking at Other Women-Gentle Femdom Audio Erotica”

  1. Let me preface this by saying that I wish you and your partner nothing but the best and hope you enjoy an excess of happiness and naughtiness. Should that not occur however….

    For my sake, I hope you are not local or that we never meet in person, because I have tremendous anxiety about the overwheming number of stupid things you would inevitably have me doing.

    For the world’s sake, I REALLY hope you are not local or that we never meet in person. You’re good right now, and I don’t want to be the sucker who makes you better. I enjoy playing with a housecat. I know it can bite but theyre beautiful creatures and I love hearing them purr. The world is safe with housecats. Sirens have been extinct for thousands of years if they ever existed at all. I don’t want to be responsible for converting the housecat into the siren.

    Phrased another way, I enjoyed this a great deal, but I easily found some flaws in your game which allowed the formation of an oasis in a very hot desert. I’m afraid of what it would be like if I taught you how to remove those flaws and magnify solar flares. I’m afraid of what it would be like for me, and for every other guy out there. Yet the curious scientist and submissive sap would still want to know, and eventually, one of them would tell you. So while my naughty side loves the idea, I love my sanity too.

    1. Funny! As much as I would love to say that I am truly fiendish, this is, indeed, a fantasy. Not that I’m above jealousy, but it doesn’t usually take the form of anything quite so pleasurable. 😉

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