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A Special Gift for My Favorite Toy

gentle femdom menage
“So,” I said, taking a last sip of my wine. “Let’s talk about why Caroline is here tonight.”

I don’t normally get approached by women online. My profile on the kink site I use to keep in touch with friends makes it clear that I’m 99% heterosexual and generally not looking for another partner. Julien is all I can handle right now, my adorable sub with his slightly bratty attitude that keeps me on my toes.

And while I find women beautiful (in fact, there are so many more visually pleasing women than men), I’ve tried kissing and fondling them, and it’s never been anything more than pleasant for me. That passion and desire I feel for men, for their angular bodies and strong biceps, deep voices and thick thighs, well, it’s just not there for women. And maybe it’s also that I have a thing for bringing out vulnerability in men. Most women wear their vulnerability out in the open.

I do.

I guess I like a challenge. 

So, while I’ve kissed other women, made out with them at parties when I’ve gotten a little tipsy, even played with a few, some light spankings, biting, pinching full nipples under dresses, some swats with my crops, that’s as far as it’s ever gone.

Until Caroline.

Caroline and I met at a kink event. Just a bunch of kinky people getting together and talking—about kink, but also about politics, work, the latest bingiest shows on TV. These events were partly about hanging out with friends and partly about flirting with existing play partners and scoping out potential new ones.

I was there with Julien, like usual. He was hanging on my arm, being candy. He was a bit of a fox, with his dark longish hair always hanging over one eye. Julien was a flirt, and even though he was submissive, sometimes subby women got confused by his energy, and they’d approach him, thinking he was a dom. And occasionally, if he was in the mood, he’d play along.

That’s what happened when I went to the bathroom. I returned to find Julien deep in conversation with a petite brunette at the bar. He had that cocky look on his face. It was the look I loved—right before I loved smacking it off him. And I suppressed a laugh as I slid up behind him and laced my arms around his waist.

“Joanna,” he said, lifting one of my hands up and kissing it.

I peeped over his shoulder, and I could see the woman up close. She was shorter than me. Voluptuous. Unsurprising, since Julien was a boob guy. Pretty. Maybe cute was a better word. Pert. Young. She looked innocent, although in these circles, looks could be deceptive. 

I caught surprise and perhaps disappointment on her face. That was Julien, always getting girls’ hopes up. But if she was disappointed, she covered it up quickly and introduced herself.

“Caroline,” she said, chirpily, introducing herself. “I love your necklace.” She pointed to the pendant I wore around my neck.

“Ahhh…I’m never without it,” I said and patted Julien’s cheek. I opened the pendant to reveal the small key inside. “Julien makes sure of that. Don’t you, darling?”

I didn’t have to see his face to know he was blushing.

Carloline giggled. “So, he’s your toy?” she asked. I could tell her attention had turned from Julien to me. It happened sometimes, but I didn’t think it would lead anywhere.

“My toy. My lover. My partner.”

“Lucky you,” she said. “Lucky both of you. I thought maybe he was a top.”

I smirked. “Sometimes he thinks he’s one too.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, with a hint of his usual mischievousness. I wasn’t sure whether to her or to me or to both of us. “I just aim to please.”

“Awww.” I kissed his cheek. “You do, darling. You always do.”

That’s all that things came to with Caroline that night. And she’d slipped out of my mind by the next few days. But then one day, out the blue, I got a message from her. She said she liked my profile. She reminded me of where we’d met. We’d read a few of the same books, liked a couple of the same movies. But that preamble was all an excuse to get to what she really wanted.

Which was me.

And Julien.

As I’d surmised, she said that when she’d met Julien, she’d thought he might make a good potential play partner for her. She was looking for a man to top her occasionally. And she had been disappointed when she’d realized he wasn’t available and wasn’t really a top. But that then she’d met me and found me attractive, and she wondered if there wasn’t some way we could all play together.

Now this was an interesting offer.

Because the thought of watching Julien with another woman, under my control, of course, was quite sexy. It was something I’d been fantasizing about a lot recently. Although I wasn’t attracted to women myself, I kind of liked the idea of directing my own personal porn.

And I liked Caroline, and I liked that she’d respected me enough to contact me, instead of going behind my back to message Julien.

So, I wrote her back with an idea.

Julien had no idea about what I had planned.

I thought about telling him, the possibility that he might freak out. But that seemed unlikely. He’d had lots of group sex before he’d met me, and enjoyed it. He was also an exhibitionist, and it was clear that he’d found Caroline sexy. He wouldn’t have been giving her that “toppy” energy if he hadn’t. Plus, he had a safeword he knew he could use if things got out of hand. But I was 99% sure they wouldn’t.

That Friday night, I told him to dress nicely. We were having a guest over for drinks.

He was surprised but used to following my directions and not asking too many questions.

He liked my surprises.

When the doorbell rang, he was wearing my favorite grey cashmere sweater and well-fitting black slacks. I’d unlocked him from his usual cage the night before and permitted him to have an orgasm. I didn’t want to spoil the evening by having it all end too quickly. He answered, and I could see he was genuinely surprised to see Caroline there in a simple tight black dress holding a bottle of wine.

I kissed her on the cheek and welcomed her in. We made small talk, as I poured a glass of her wine for each of us, and then another, until all of our cheeks were slightly pink and we were giggling a little as I invited her to sit down on the couch between Julien and me.

“So,” I said, taking a last sip of my wine. “Let’s talk about why Caroline is here tonight.”

She and Julien were both awkwardly silent.

“Ah. Okay,” I said. “I guess I’m going to have to take control of this situation. Hmmm? Well, good thing that’s my specialty. Right?”

I took one of Caroline’s hands in mine and one of Julien’s in the other.

“Julien, darling. Caroline has a bit of a crush on you. And me, although I don’t like to brag. Isn’t that right, Caroline?”

She nodded, blushing. In a small voice, she said, “I do. I couldn’t stop thinking about the two of you.”

“It’s really your fault,” I said to Julien. “You can’t help being so charming getting girls hopes up when you already belong to me.”

He bit his lip and couldn’t help smiling a little. He liked it when I reminded him of his place.

“I’m sorry,” he said, doubtfully sorry at all. “I just thought Caroline was very attractive. But you’re right, ma’am. I belong to you. I’m sorry, Caroline. And flattered.”

I turned to Caroline, who was artfully staring down at the carpet. I could practically feel the tension running through her, even though she’d been excited coming over tonight, even texting me to ask what to wear.

“Julien is sorry, darling,” I said to her, kissing her hand lightly. At that, she turned her face up toward mine, a shy smile on it. “He would have loved to get his hands all over that delicious, smooth body of yours if he could have…probably have loved to kiss and lick and suck various parts of you, certainly have loved to bury his face between your legs and make you moan.”

At that I heard a little whimper from Julien.

I patted his cheek.

“Luckily, I am such a gracious mistress, who enjoys sharing her toys–with the right people. Isn’t that right, Caroline? Isn’t that why you’re here tonight? Didn’t you ask me if I would share my toy with you?”

Cheerful, perky Caroline from the bar was sinking down into subspace fast. “Yes, ma’am,” she said, although I hadn’t directed her to call me ma’am at all. I decided I liked it though, and decided not to correct her.

“Yes, what?” I goaded.

“Yes, I wrote to you and asked if you would share Julien with me.”

“And?” There was more, and I wanted them both to hear it.

“And if you would take charge.”

“That’s right.” I took her pointy, delicate chin in my hands and gave it a little squeeze. She sighed, happily and settled into my palm.

“Julien, aren’t you a lucky boy? And isn’t this your lucky day.” It wasn’t a question. I got up and then sat down to left of Julien on the couch, pushing him over toward Caroline. “Show Caroline how much you like her, darling,” I ordered.

I could tell he wanted her. Hell, I could see it in those tight slacks. But he gave me and then her a look. He was torn between taking orders from me and making sure she consented.

“Show her, darling,” I said again, this time a little more gently. “She’ll tell me if she doesn’t want something. Right, Caroline?”

Caroline nodded, her eyes already half-closed in anticipation of Julien’s caress. We’d talked about this carefully. If at any time she wanted to stop, all she had to do was let me know.

That was all the reassurance Julien needed. Although he appeared gentle, one of my favorite things about my boy was that he was NOT sexually passive. He slid his hand behind Caroline’s head and drew her close to him and began to lightly kiss and nibble on her lips—finding the pressure and pattern that made her moan and gasp, trailing down her neck and collarbone, until she was clutching at him.

If it had been me, it would have been Julien who was doing the clutching. I knew how to keep him in thrall. But this was a role he enjoyed playing sometimes, and I admit I found it fascinating to watch him in control, directing Caroline’s pleasure. He was good at it.

Her breathing grew more and more ragged, and I saw that Julien’s hand had found its way under the low v collar of her tight dress and was starting to fondle her breast. She pressed closer and closer to him, their bodies rubbing up against one another on the couch as I kept watch.

I could feel myself getting wet watching them. And I stood up and walked quietly across the room to get a better view and not disturb them. They were so involved with each other, they barely noticed my absence. Caroline’s hand was on Julien’s pants, massaging his cock over the thin fabric. I realized if I didn’t do something soon, my plan was going to end before it began.

I cleared my throat, and they both looked up at me, faces red, eyes glazed, both of their mouths smeared with Caroline’s red lipstick.

“Down, Julien,” I said, simply. It was a command he knew well.

“Yes, ma’am.” He gave Caroline a shy smile and tipped her backwards on the sofa, so she was splayed on it. Then his mouth was trailing up her thighs, giving her legs soft little teasing kisses, closer and closer.

She squirmed, clearly wanting more.

“Not under the panties,” I said. “Just a taste.”

And although I could tell that Julien wanted nothing more than to bury his face between her thighs, he said, “Yes, ma’am,” and stayed on top of the flimsy fabric between her and her bare skin, simply blowing lightly on her and alternating pressure for her to grind up against. I loved watching him. He was so good. So beautiful. I never got to see him from this viewpoint when he was between my legs.

She grabbed the back of his head to try and pull him closer, and I decided to move the evening to its next stage.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom,” I said.

They followed, at first lust dazed, but then like eager puppies, hungry for more, and once in the bedroom the two of them stood in front of me, expectantly, waiting for my next command.

“Caroline, on the bed,” I said, and she and I sat down next to each other at the end of my king size mattress.

“Julien, take off your clothes. Slowly. We want to watch.”

He blushed, and began removing his sweater and the thin t-shirt underneath and then started undoing his belt, pants falling around his ankles. He kicked them aside and let us admire him for a minute in his tight undies. Caroline let out a small gasp as he slowly pulled them down, revealing his hard cock underneath. It was a nice cock. I could understand her interest.

“Now, Caroline,” I said, turning to face her. “You’ve gotten Julien all worked up, as you can see.”

“Yes,” she mumbled. She bit her lip. “I can see that.”

“And I think we discussed this. What do good girls do when they get a man so excited? You wouldn’t want to just leave him this way. Would you?”

I thought to myself—I would, but Caroline wasn’t me.

“Noooo.” She shook her head.

“Then go show Julien your appreciation. Wouldn’t you like that, Julien?”

“Yes.” He swallowed and a smile crept over his face now that he saw where this was going. “I’d love it.”

I helped Caroline off the bed and walked her across the room, stopping in front of Julien and slowly guiding her down on the ground, on her knees, right in front of his cock.

She eagerly took it in her mouth, and he groaned.

Julien and I were both facing one another, Caroline in between us on the ground, so I could look into his eyes as she licked and sucked on him, see his desire, hear him moan.

I leaned close to him and whispered in his ear, “Aren’t you going to thank me for bringing you such a delicious gift, darling?”

“Thank you, ma’am,” he blurted out. “Thank you so much.”

Of course, I couldn’t ignore Caroline. I knew what she was here for, and it wasn’t just Julien. I placed my hand on the back of her head and pressed gently.

“You can do better than that. Can’t you? Be a good girl. Take it all the way down. Here. Let me help.” And I placed both hands on either side of her face and worked her cute mouth down even more deeply onto Julien’s cock, until she had taken it down to the base, and I could hear her gag slightly, his cock straining against the back of her throat.

Julien shivered with pleasure, and I almost giggled. This was more fun than I’d imagined.

“Such a good girl,” I teased Caroline, leaning down to watch her minister to Julien. “So obedient. So eager. Are you ready to get fucked?”

“Oh. Yes….” The words came out garbled.

I laughed. “What a sweet little slut we have here, Julien. She can’t even bring herself to take her mouth off my cock.”

I ran my fingers through her long, dark hair. “Give her a good fucking, Julien. She’s earned it.”

Julien looked at me hard and licked his lips like the fox he was. He wasn’t used to getting permission to fuck anyone. Certainly not me. I fucked him. How I wanted. When I wanted. I could tell he was making sure I was telling him what he thought I was.

“That’s right,” I said. “Take her. Use her. That’s what she’s here for.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. I was so used to being in charge, I sometimes forgot how strong Julien actually was, and he easily pulled her off her knees, flipped her around, marched her over to the bed and pushed her down upon it face first, her flushed cheek mashed against the plush bedspread, her long, thick hair half covering her face.

“Hike up your dress for him, Caroline. Let’s see how wet you are.”

She was well past shyness, and she did just as she was told, going one step further and sliding off a pair of red silky panties that framed her heart shaped ass. I could see as they fell that they were soaked, probably partly from Julien’s warm tongue and partly her own juices.

Julien went to our usual drawer and donned a condom. I knew how excited he would be. He never got to fuck me this way, from behind, pumping into me at his pace and for his pleasure. I only fucked him on top. His job was to lie there and get fucked, and he knew it.

“Say, please,” I said to Caroline, and her response came out as a whine.


“Please, what?”

“Please, ma’am!”

That was all it took and Julien slid himself inside her, grabbing her hips hard enough to leave a bruise and pulling her against him, using her body as he wanted. She was wet, wet, and I could hear the shlick shlick of their bodies slapping together with long, hard thrusts. Julien took one hand off her hip and put on the back of her neck, to gain even more control over her, to get even deeper, and she arched her back and moaned and starting shaking a bit.

I watched them go at it for a few minutes, enjoying Julien’s prowess and the slight tinge of jealousy that played on the outskirts of my emotions about how eagerly and quickly he’d acquiesced.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck.” She kept repeating. “I’m going to come. Please don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

I walked behind Julien and laced my hands around his waist, feeling the way his body pistoned in and out of this girl.

“Give her what she wants, Julien,” I whispered to him. “But remember. Whose cock is that fucking her?”

“Yours, ma’am,” he said shakily.

“How does my cock feel inside that tight little pussy of hers?”

“Good. It feels good, ma’am.” I could tell it was hard for him to form complete thoughts. All the blood had left his brain.

“Just good?”

“Amazing, ma’am. It feels amazing. Thank you for letting your cock fuck her. She feels warm and wet, and god I love pounding into her.”

“You’re so welcome, my love.” Then I took my hands from his waist and put them on his hips, encouraging him to fuck her deeper and harder.

“Oh, god.” His breathing was getting faster and faster. “Yes. Please. I’m going to come. Can I come, ma’am? Can I come?”

“Yes, baby,” I said quietly, so only he could hear. “Come hard for me. And make her scream.” At that moment, I realized how horny I was, and I clamped my thighs together, feeling my pussy pulse.

Just then a wail went up from Caroline, and even I could feel the effect of her convulsions as they both came hard together, her pussy clutching at him until he slouched down on top of her, spent.

I let them rest for a minute to catch their breath and come down from their high, as I shucked my own clothes and climbed onto the far end of the bed, legs spread, facing them both.

“Well, that was a fun first round” I smirked. “Now who’s ready to attend to the queen?”

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