Domme Bites: Gorgeous Portraits of Professional Dommes

gentle domme bite me

Artist Max Eike produced a book of portraits of professional dommes.

You can see a video of the portraits contained in the book here.

Google Books describes the collection as, “an experiment with an uncertain outcome when the London based photographer began to shoot portraits of German dominatrixes. He strove to explore the boundaries between the interior and the exterior: What is a mask? What is real? How much veracity is there in the way the women present themselves beyond glaring red lips and a stern gaze?”

Domme Bites: 2019. The Year of the Femdom

gentle domme bite me

Pornhub released their statistics about who was searching for what kind of porn during the past year. And it turns out that femdom made the most popular list, coming in at number 10, right under ASMR.

ASMR porn? What have I been missing?

In other news, women in Pennsylvania and Oregon seem to like their kink! Their most popular searches are “bondage” and “fetish,” respectively.

Check out the article here.