premature ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation Training is the Best Kink Ever

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Have I talked about premature ejaculation training again recently? I don’t feel like I’ve talked about why I love this kink enough lately.

Sometimes I feel like the most boring Domme in the world because I don’t care about hitting people. Or tying them up. Okay. Maybe a little scratching. But not even much of that either. I have a whole toybag full of stuff I never use.

The way I do kink would look so boring if random people saw it. Because a lot of it just looks like sex. Like regular old sex—except always with me on top. (That’s not even part of the power exchange. I just like to be on top.)

But it’s NOT the sex that turns me on. Vanilla sex like just enjoying physical sensations does next to nothing for me. My body is not particularly sensitive.

But my mind. My mind is so sensitive. Especially to WORDS. I love words.

Desperate. Needy. Eager. Throbbing. Twitching. Leaking. Easy. Impatient. Unable to control yourself, you poor sweet boy who just wants to let it all out, huh?

Orgasm control is the BEST KINK EVER. Whimpers. Moans. Begging. Having to go soooooo slowly because you know if you just move a teeny tiny bit more they’re going to completely lose control and have an accident, and we wouldn’t want that, sweetie. No, we wouldn’t…when you’re trying to so hard to be such a good boy for me!


The cruelty. The teasing. The embarrassment. The objectification.

All wrapped up in sugar sweetness like I am just the nicest domme in the whole wide world who is coming from your total insanely hot frustration.

Who needs a whip when you have two hands and a hard cock that only comes when you say.