You Gave It a Good Try! Premature Ejaculation Sweet Humiliation

(10 Minutes) I know this might be difficult to hear. But as your wife’s best friend, I feel like I need to be honest—for her sake. Look. You’re a good guy. And I know you try really hard. But the thing is that I know…you know about what. About your little…problem. About how quickly you cum? Like two minutes on a good day. Of course she’s not going to tell you how much it bothers her. She loves you. And yeah. You give good oral but, let’s face it. Sometimes she just needs a good dicking, honey. And you know you can’t handle that. I think that if you’re honest with yourself—like deep down—you know that she deserves more. So, I have some ideas….
(Premature Ejaculation, Sweet Humiliation, Cuckolding, Voyeurism)

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