Permission to Be Premature

(10 Minutes) Thank you so much for coming to see me today. I know it can be difficult to talk to someone when you have a little problem like yours–that you lose control so easily—that you can’t help yourself from coming too soon and making a mess. I have a different way to handle this little “problem” than what you may have encountered before. I WANT you to let yourself go. I want you to embrace being exactly who are you—a premature ejaculator. Perhaps if I just sidled up next to you and let you see my breasts, or even had you lie down on the floor and used you as my seat, I think we both know it wouldn’t take long before you spurted. Right in your undies. Maybe even without touching. And that’s what I want, sweetie. For you to understand that good submissive boys like you are meant to be controlled by women like me. And the less stamina you have—the more I like it. (Therapy Fantasy, Breast Smothering, Nurturing, Face Sitting, Coming in Your Pants, Countdown)

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