Your Hot Roommate Knows Your Little Secret

(10 More) Sure. You think you’ve been hiding it… how your roommate makes you so hard all the time. And how sometimes you just can’t control yourself and you jerk off in your room—and so quickly too! But you know what? She knows. Those walls are thin! And your desperate little moans when you spurt make her giggle every time. Especially when she’s heard the rumors from the women at work. How they call you Quick Draw McGraw ever since that incident. She knows you can’t last, but she does have an idea to help. You’re going to have to put aside your “manly” pride, not that you’ve had much of that anyway, and maybe some edging exercises and chastity instructions from your hot roommate can teach your to keep your hands off your little dick. At the very least, she’s going to enjoy making you her good chaste premie. (Premature Ejaculation, Chastity, Your Roommate, Edging, Teasing, SPH

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