Teased. Cucked. Denied? On Date Night!

(15 Minutes) I’ve so been looking forward to our big date, but my you seem distracted… Gosh, just sitting her next to you it looks like you’re so excited. If I put my hand on that little stiffy of yours…oh! You almost came! Has someone been playing a little trick on you? Telling you that if you keep edging you’ll last longer? I’d almost feel bad for you—if it wasn’t so much fun watching you get all worked up and staining your pants with precum. Of course, you know I won’t be able to fuck you like this. Oh, no, sweetie. You’d never last. And that little thing in your pants wouldn’t satisfy me. But some of those men at the bar over there…they look like they might do the job. The real question is what should I do with you after I get the real fucking that I need? Should I just let you spurt, ruin it, or keep you nice and desperate so your roommate can keep playing with you? (Premature Humiliation, Soft SPH, Tease and Denial, Cuckolding)

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