COME and Join My New Patreon for Premature Ejaculation Kinks!

premature ejaculation training
premature ejaculation training

Okay, I’m doing it. I’ve been talking about starting a Patreon FOREVER, but I couldn’t decide what to focus on. I finally got it. One of my absolute FAVORITE kinks! Premature Ejaculation teasing and training! I have 3 tiers, and all of them are an excellent value if you’re into being my cute little premie who just can’t control himself!

Tier 1: Minute Man–This tier will get you 4 rotating audios each month related to PE. Look for audios that involve hypnosis, training, teasing, and even encouragement. I might include some overlap into connecting kinks like chastity and cuckolding.

Tier 2: Short Comings-This tier includes the 4 audios from tier 1 but ALSO gives you little extras from me each month. I’ll definitely include at least one extra per week, but it could be more. These extras could be teasing or training routines. The other thing this tier gets you is the ability to give me suggestions about what you want to hear on my Patreon. I won’t guarantee I’ll take your suggestions, but I’m more than open to them. I often get some of my best ideas from my subby boys.

Tier 3: Coming Soon- (Sorry. I could not resist the puns.) Okay. This tier is for ONLY my most dedicated premature ejaculators and limited to 10 people. It is actually an AWESOME value, because not only do you get 4 audios a month, bonus content, and the ability to make suggestions, but I will ALSO make a 10 minute custom audio for you each month. Now, this is not an EXCLUSIVE audio. That means that I will release it for everyone after you’ve had a little time with it. 😉 But it does mean that it’s your fantasy and your creation. I’ll either take scripts or you can tell me what you want, and I’ll come up with a script or improvisation. (If you are interested in exclusive custom content or longer customs, feel free to DM me.)

So, that’s it! This is my first foray into the world of Patreon, so let’s see how it goes. If you have suggestions for me, I’m open to listening. I hope you enjoy….think fast. 😉

-Miss Vivian

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