The Summer is Getting Away From Me

Hello, my Darling Deviants! I feel terribly guilty. Where has my writing gone? Where is my podcast? How do I work this? Where is that large automobile? Sorry. My brain started channeling Talking Heads there for a minute.

Well, I suppose like most people, I am having some post pandemic excitement and also some stress! Although I didn’t start my blog during the pandemic, (I started it about a year before) I had plenty of time to work on it when nothing else was happening. Now, it seems like I have too much to do and not enough time to do it in!

I just got back from a lovely and much needed vacation and am hoping I didn’t acquire the Delta variant during my travels. I found out yesterday that I was the runner up in the best kink category for The Good Sex Awards. Yay, me! I also immediately developed a crushing headache, which screwed up many of my plans for productivity.

And yet! Today is a new day!

I did create a lot of new content while I was gone. So, feel free to check that out on Niteflirt. I think I’m up to 174 audio recordings. That’s a lot of smut, people!

As for my podcast, well, that is simply timing! TRS and I COULD have completed one on our trip, but we were simply having too much fun in 115 degree heat and suffering from intense brain dehydration. Not a kink of mine. Seriously, I must either do one (or more) on my own, or find some stunt sidekicks. I resolve that one shall be completed within the next week.

And now it is almost 4th of July weekend! How did that happen? Hopefully, this means MORE fun, but also MORE things to do that take away from building my very small but very mighty smut empire! Alas, when does a girl have time to consensually humiliate men for their cuckolding kinks by phone if she’s always off galavanting and having adventures?

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