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Episode 9 of The Gentle Dommecast: Chastity and Cuckolding

femdom podcast chastity and cuckolding
femdom podcast

In Episode 9 of The Gentle Dommecast, The Rough Subbe and I discuss chastity and cuckolding!

What talk about what “counts” as chastity, how we treat it in our relationship, finding a cage that’s right for you, and what we both get out of it. The Rough Subbe sums it up as, “It’s fun to be horny!” We are not heavily into chastity, and we treat it as more of a game than part of a serious D/s dynamic. 

Then we segue into a discussion about cuckolding and how it often overlaps with chastity. We talk about fantasy vs. reality, whether cuckolding is really ONLY a “male” fantasy or not, and the complicated relationship cuckolding porn often has with race play and our feelings about that.

2 thoughts on “Episode 9 of The Gentle Dommecast: Chastity and Cuckolding”

  1. Another great ep. I’ve been reading Miss Pearl since you gave her a shout out on a previous episode, so I’d be curious on your perspectives of acts of service in a Femdom partnership. Your own or others. Also maybe how that relates to your personal love languages. If you subscribe to that theory of course. Otherwise, how does how you both like to give/recieve affection relate to your Femdom dynamic?

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