Three Sexy Gentle Femdom Role Plays for Novice Dommes and Subs

woman tight leather pants

Some people love role play. It helps them really sink into the headspace they’re looking for and helps them get over their insecurities. Some people find it embarrassingly hard to stay in character. But whether if you’re into role playing or just want to give it a try, gentle femdom has a few really fun tropes to play with when it comes to women dominating men sweetly—but effectively!

  1. Teacher and Student. Ah! The tried and true power dynamic that probably stems from some cute teacher you had back in middle school who made you a little excited every time she bent over the desk to look at your paper. This is also a great role play for people who enjoy a nurturing but slightly strict power exchange but aren’t quite up for the taboo of mommy and little boy.  There’s so much to say about this kind of role play. Maybe you’ve not been doing well in school and teacher needs to keep you after class to give you some extra “tutoring?” Or maybe she notices you’ve been rather distracted lately and having trouble paying attention to your lessons, and she thinks some discipline could help you concentrate. After all, it must be challenging to study when you keep getting erections all the time. Let her help you with that problem. She wants you to succeed! And, what sexy teacher doesn’t have a ruler at hand, for bending over bad boys who end up in detention? This kind of role play can be as nurturing or as harsh as you like, depending on whether you’re a good student who just needs some extra help or a bad one who has tested teacher’s patience for far too long!
  2. Mommy and Little Boy. This is a loaded role play, despite the popularity of Daddy Doms in the kink community. A Mommy Domme just seems naughtier, maybe because of all the intimate associations we have with our real mothers. This kind of role play is very popular with age players, people who like to pretend that they are a younger age than they are. (This needs its own article to fully explain. So, let’s not get too deep here.) And although some people are really into the PRETEND idea of a mommy and a very little boy, it’s easy to make this kind of role play less taboo if you’re not comfortable with that kind of fantasy. You can even switch it out for governess and her charge if the word “mommy” is too much. The gist of this kind of role play is that the woman takes on the role as the man’s caregiver. Mother figures are extremely powerful. Those of us with good relationships with our own mothers tend to associate them with a nurturing form of power that’s in our own best interest—making us do our homework when we don’t want to, or eat our fruits and veggies instead of candy bars. Those of us with bad associations…well…that kind of play might be better suited for a harsher form of femdom. A mommy domme can do anything from distribute punishments (funishments) for bad behavior to take care of her good boy, giving him a (naughty) bath or teaching him about his changing body. Ooh la la. 
  3. Sexy Librarian and her Patron. So far, the role plays suggested focus on some age play. This is a natural phenomenon in kink because we tend to think of older people as more powerful, especially when we’re young, or just pretending we are. But if you’re not interested in age play, there are still some way to role play with gentle femdom where the man and woman are on a level playing field—in terms of age. We know who’s really on top. Don’t we? For some reason, the idea of the buttoned up librarian with her bun and her glasses who is secretly wild is super hot. Isn’t it? In this role play, the woman can play the part of the stern librarian who takes her job seriously but is in some desperate need of satisfaction. Maybe you happen to find her in the stacks, her hands on herself instead of the books. In her need, she basically attacks you, loosening her bun so her hair falls around her shoulders, throwing off her glasses (not really…don’t want to break those if they’re prescriptions) and pushing you up against the books to have her way with you. Of course, she needs you to be quiet! She wouldn’t want to lose her job. So, don’t be surprised if she covers your mouth or sticks her fingers in them. A repressed woman can be so hungry! Can’t she?

There are lots of other similar tropes you can play with if you’re exploring gentle femdom role play. A few similar ones could be the boss evaluating her employee or the casting agent and the young stud trying out for an important role. The major difference between gentle femdom role play and other role plays people use in BDSM is that the tone should be affectionate and teasing rather than cruel. 

And remember. Use your words! They’re hot!

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