Premature Ejaculation Training and Programming

You might be surprised at the number of men who fetishize premature ejaculation. I know I was. But I gradually came to not only discover this kink but really, really enjoy encouraging it.

Maybe it started accidentally. You tried so hard to hold back with that hot girl, but you just couldn’t stop yourself. And you came before she even began.

At first you were embarrassed. Humiliated. “Real” men have stamina. They can last long enough to please their partners.

But maybe then…gradually…the embarrassment turned into something else. And you found yourself feeling excited about the idea of coming too quickly.

What if I told you that I think premature ejaculation is hot? Because what is it but the ultimate proof that you desire me so much that you lose complete control? And I love taking control. I love making men helpless and weak and desperate.

So, I don’t want to help you last. I want to encourage you, train you, program you to come more and more quickly, until all you have to do is just think of my magic triggers, and you’ll have an accident–on your wife’s thigh, your girlfriend’s hand, maybe even just in your pants.

I offer various forms of training, but the most successful pre-ejacs use my hypnosis programming audios over and over and over again, gradually reducing their times from 5 minutes to 3 minutes to 1 minute…and eventually I’ll have you coming in thirty minutes or less.

Some of my most dedicated pre-ejaculators commission custom audios from me. Email me at for details.

I also do private pre-ejaculation fetish training sessions. But don’t just think that you get to wank in 30 seconds and hang up on me! No. I want to take my time with you, building up the tension and frustration while you don’t get to touch. And then finally letting you pre-ejaculate for me with just a few little strokes.

Are you ready to get starting finishing too soon? Then what are you waiting for? Click on the pics above or the links below for my training audios. And you can always contact me here for a private session.

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