Episode 4 of The Gentle Dommecast: Older Women/Younger Men and Honorifics

It’s Episode 4 of The Gentle Dommecast! And this week The Rough Subbe and I are talking about older women/younger men dynamics and how those might or might not relate to femdom. (In my case, they kind of do.) We talk about what’s hot and fun about age gap relationships, as well as some of the difficulties involved in them. And we also bring up fetishizing age. Hint. I don’t like it.

Then we discuss honorifics, including the role they have in our relationship, what names The Rough Subbe likes to use for me and some of the pet names I use for him. We also talk about names we dislike for various reasons. (It took me a little while to come around to Ma’am.)

I think the sound was a little off this week, so I’m sorry if parts are a bit hard to hear. I’m going to be more careful about that from now on.

I Don’t Know If I Want to Be a Domme, But I Definitely Want to Be a Vampire

I get a lot of my blog ideas from reading questions people ask on forums. And today someone asked about what inspires your domme energy.

Basically, I think I just always wanted to be a vampire.

I found a copy of Interview with the Vampire in a used bookstore when I was too young to be reading it, and I fell in love. I mean, I fell in LOVE. Hard. I used to lie awake at night in my room wishing that Lestat and Louis would come rescue me from my boring suburban life and make me immortal and beautiful. We would be doomed and damned forever!

I was, as the kids say with irony now, “so emo.”

In fact, I pretty much loved all schlock as a teenager, the more gothic the better.

And my tastes ran anywhere from the literary like Thanatopsis or Byron or Dante’s Inferno or Jane Eyre to Geena Davis’ nymphomaniac vampire character in a truly AWFUL 80s comedy, Transylvania 6-5000.

And don’t even get me started on seeing Tim Curry in those fishnets and garters. He wasn’t a “domme,” but he might as well have been. Who needs labels when you have eyebrows like that?

I dressed up as Morticia Addams and/or Elvira for Halloween numerous times over the years. If you don’t know who Elvira is, she was like a sluttier, funnier version of Morticia. I liked her better. I admired her boobs and her moxie.

And, somewhat embarrassingly, I also am pretty sure I masturbated more than once to another bad movie with a very young Jim Carrey and older but still quite sexy Lauren Hutton called Once Bitten, where she was, guess what….playing a vampire who needed to have sex with a virgin to stay young and beautiful!

I was quite the goth in my youth and have never outgrown my love of the color black. But I think my love of vampires, and more specifically female vampire figures, has less to do with being into things that are dark or scary and much more to do with loving their seductive manipulation.

They didn’t have to be violent (or at least not before you willingly allowed them to suck all of the blood out of your body). They could just charm you into doing their bidding. They were sexy, of course. But they were also clever. Knowing. Teasing. They understood their own sexual power and they used it for their benefit. They wielded it like a weapon, but gently. They didn’t need to take because soon enough, you were going to want to give.

Ultimately, they were very confident. In their beauty. In their charm. In their sexuality—even though they were very rarely shown BEING sexual.

They were never the object. YOU were the object.

I was really not these things. Not when I was young. I wasn’t confident. I didn’t feel pretty. I didn’t understand until a long time later that those feelings really come from within you, and that when you feel them from within yourself, they are projected outward. No one can give you those feelings except you.

I definitely didn’t grow into LOOKING anything like those characters I loved. I wouldn’t look very good with black hair, and mermaid dresses do nothing to accentuate my figure. And I still laugh way too much and too easily to really be anything like those tall, slim, haughty seductresses.

But when I’m in “domme mode,” well, I feel like them. I feel powerful and sexy and confident and manipulative in the best way. I feel like I have my “prey” wrapped around my finger, and I can just take my time to draw him in and…pounce. Of course, it’s not really his blood I’m interested in draining. 😉 I just want to see that look in his eyes and know he’s totally and completely under my spell.

A Sexy New PTV Experience for My Niteflirt Friends

If you aren’t on Niteflirt, I know you might have no idea what PTV stands for. PTV is short for pay-to-view. I normally make a lot of what Niteflirt calls “goodies,” which, for me, are essentially femdom audio recordings that you can purchase. In fact, I have over 100 goodies on Niteflirt at this point. I try to create a few new ones every week.

But PTV games or experiences can be fun too because you can link them all together to tell a story. While a goody is a standalone item, what can make femdom PTVs exciting and fun is that you can string them together. They can be games, in which you have choices to make, and each choice leads you down another path (a choose your own porn adventure), or they can be linear experiences that the creator guides you through.

I made two PTV games early on at Niteflirt, but they didn’t include images. They were entirely auditory experiences. In this new one that I’ve made, I’ve combined audio with some sexy GIFs that set the mood.

The title of my experience is Bacchanalia: A Hypnotic Fantasy. A Bacchanalia was a Roman festival to celebrate Bacchus, god of wine and debauchery. So, you can imagine they got quite wild!

In my version, I’ve combined it with a bit of a masquerade party vibe and some trancey GIFs that (intend to) create a feeling that you are somewhere mysterious and exciting, free from your everyday cares…and morals.

And I am a Goddess, of course, who guides you through the festival, instructing you to pleasure yourself in my honor. 😉

I really had way too much fun dressing up “Goddess-style” and toying with my image filters and GIF creators. I do hope this new PTV sells well, but making it also just fed my love for creativity and fantasy!

Queen Elizabeth and My Hot Pink Double Ended Dildo

All hail the queen.

I’m going to be honest. I really didn’t know what to talk about today.

I started to write about whether there is any link between kink and trauma and realized that while I personally believe you can be totally kinky and relatively emotionally healthy (or as healthy or not as any vanilla person), I was also lazy and didn’t feel like looking up a bunch of articles about it.

And I was pretty sure someone was just going to yell at me and tell me I was wrong.

So, instead, I’m just going to tell you about something hot I did this weekend! And isn’t that way more fun than talking about trauma?

Good lord, how much trauma do we all need these days? If there is a link, there are going to be a hell of a lot more kinky people in this world after 2020—-(stretching on forever to infinity…has 2020 really even ended?)

The sexy thing was taking my hot pink double-sided dildo (meant for pegging but really terrible for pegging) and surprising the BF by making him wait in the other room until I had it…situated…and then inviting him in for a cock sucking session.

Just naked me and the pink dildo.

I do have a weakness for pink sex toys.

He is quite oral, so it was a treat for both of us, since the other end of the dildo was also inside of ME. So, I encouraged him to really put some effort in.

With the added bonus on getting to put my hands on the back of his head and help guide and instruct him to do a thorough job. I do so love guiding and instructing. Especially when a “student” is so eager to learn!

There IS something about that, the putting my hands on the back of a head gently but insistently that makes me feel very in charge and excited. I would do it a lot, consensually, if I had a bio-cock.

That was not the ONLY sexy thing that happened this weekend, in between a lot of episodes of The Crown. That young Queen Elizabeth. She was rather steely. Wasn’t she? But it’s the one that’s in my dirty little mind as I’m writing this morning.

This week I have plans to make some more audio recordings. So, you can look for those if you like them. Maybe I’ll even do a free one, if I’m feeling generous. 😉

Episode 3 of The Gentle Dommecast: Porn and Switching

Episode 3 of The Gentle Dommecast is up! I jokingly referred to it as the “tea-cast,” since I’m still recovering from a sore throat. So, if you hear my sipping, it’s my tea with honey.

This week The Rough Subbe and I take on porn and switching. We talk about what kinds of porn we like and don’t like, the role of femdom porn in both exposing people to new ideas and perhaps confusing them between reality and fantasy, and exactly how we define porn.

Then we discuss switching, including whether we consider ourselves switches, and we end up getting into a discussion about the role of labels in kink and if your preferences change over time.

I hope you enjoy, and if there’s a topic you really want to hear us discuss, let me know!

How Do You Get Sick Four Times in a Pandemic Without Getting COVID?

femdom giantesss
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I don’t know, but I have done it! This is literally the fourth time in the last year that I’ve gotten sick, and none of those illnesses have been COVID. (I am glad about that, unless I had been blessed with a mild case and then had some immunity.) For the first three, tests were in such short supply, that I couldn’t actually check. But I later checked for antibodies and didn’t have them.

This time I was tested for COVID, both the rapid test and PCR, and both came back negative.

Instead, I probably have Strep. The doctor didn’t do the test. He just looked in my throat and said, “Yep. That’s Strep.” So, is it Strep? Maybe? I’ve been on antibiotics for the last week, and my throat isn’t really sore anymore. But it’s scratchy, and I keep coughing. And I’m tired.

And how did I get this illness when “going out” means to the grocery store? Who can say?

Strep itself isn’t great, but when you’re making money talking to people in a sexy voice for a living, it is quite unfortunate! I have been pushing myself when I really should let my throat rest. But I am talkative by nature–even to myself. It’s hard to shut me up.

This weekend I plan to rest and limit my talking, so hopefully I can be back to making more audios.

I DID finish my giantess story, which was a challenge to myself to see if I could write it. For right now, I’m not releasing it for free. That could change at some point. But if you have a giantess fetish and you MUST HAVE THE STORY NOW, you can get it here or here (audio only)!

Well, I’m very sexily going to go back to hacking up a lung now! I hope you all have a good weekend and stay healthy!


Dating Kinky’s Dating and Love Event! Featuring Me!

Guess what? I’m going to be on a panel.

Little old me? On a panel. I feel so distinguished. I will definitely wear glasses and sip some mint tea, although you won’t be able to see me because I don’t show my entire face. Maybe James Lipton will be there and will ask me what my favorite curse word is. (“Fuck.” It is definitely “fuck.” I say “fuck” a lot.)

But seriously, I AM going to be on a panel for Dating Kinky’s Dating and Love Event, which is a three day virtual event on Valentine’s Weekend. This panel will be on Saturday February 13th from 7:00-8:30 PM EST and hosted by the lovely HiThereCatsuit and his blog, What Women (and other wonderful humans) Want in the World of Dating?

Here is the official registration link for the weekend event (free to the first 500 sign-ups):

And here is the Fetlife event link:

And I think I am going to be on the panel with Miss Pearl, and I am now totally fangirling because I have been reading her blog forever. She is so smart and clever and funny, and I could go on and on. This is my favorite post of hers, and it is part of what inspired me to start writing about femdom.

So, you should definitely attend! And I’m not saying that because I got paid. Nobody pays me anything (except for phone sex and sexy audio recordings) because I don’t get enough impressions on this blog yet. 😉 (But if anyone wants to start sending me free sex toys to review, I would totally be cool with that. Just putting it out there like The Secret.)

So, no. I’m telling you to attend because obviously you love me! But also because I think what Dating Kinky is doing is very cool, and this specific event is for people both looking for kinky relationships and people who want to be or are in kinky relationships. There is going to be some kinky speed dating and lots of info about hot sex, poly, intimacy, and incorporating kink in your relationships. ALL weekend!

(And let’s face it, people. What else have you got going on? My biggest excursion these days is to the grocery store where I buy 8 Lean Cuisine French bread pizzas at one time and the cashier gives me weird looks. They’re really good. They are.)

And me. Did I forget to mention me? You should attend because of me!

So, I hope to see you there! Well, not really SEE you. But see you type little comments on the side of the screen telling me how brilliant and funny and clever I am, and not because I totally blank when someone is asking me questions, and accidentally call them a good boy and to start edging for me, please.

Episode 2 of The Gentle Dommecast: Feminization and the Public Scene

In this second episode The Gentle Domme and The Rough Subbe talk about feminization, with a question mark. What is feminization? What falls under this category of kink, and what do we like about it and have questions about. We reminisce about a hot cheerleader scene we did, and The Gentle Domme reflects on whether she’s just bitter she wasn’t a cheerleader.

We also discuss the public Scene, including why you might want to get involved in it, or not. 

This one got a little more serious, but I think there was valuable discussion to be had, as well as laughter.

Free Audio Smut for Book Sluts

femdom erotica
Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels (Now, this is my kind of porn.)

Someone reminded me that I hadn’t released any free audio smut in a while.

It was true. I have been making more paid femdom erotica audios that focus on a lot of the kinks my callers and texters on Niteflirt like, such as cuckolding and SPH and not the more gentle teasing kinds of audios that I would release for a wider audience. But I do like to release some free femdom erotica audios now and again for marketing and also because it’s fun!

So, I popped on to Gone Wild Audio and saw that a favorite script writer of mine had a kinky librarian script up. And I knew I totally needed to record that!

I believe the title is “Your Hot Librarian Turns You Into Her New Book Slut.”

This was quite enjoyable to record, even though I have a bit of a sore throat right now. Maybe it just makes me sound more sultry….hopefully.

I am definitely a book slut, so I’m always happy to slut around with other book sluts. 😉